Saturday, November 15, 2014

Talmudic lobbying in the hotel lobby

Though China has demonized the Bible as a subversive weapon capable of the overthrow of the North Korean government , the South Korean government has touted the occult Talmud as a national classic , making it a mandatory part of school curriculum . Through centuries of suggestion , Talmudists have so whetted the appetites of oriental leaders that they have relished the secret of success of the Jewish people nurtured by its Talmudic focus . Talmudic study has been necessary in Jewish universities and synagogues since before Christ came to earth  , and has been used as a major ecumenical tool for the basis of common world goals , preparing the way for the Jewish antichrist .  Kabbalists have so bewitched the world's cultures that Talmudic books such as , " The Eight Most Valuable Business Secrets Of The Jewish " , are quite popular in China . Talmudists have encouraged the construction of the Talmud Business Hotel Taiching which places a copy of " Talmud-Business Success Bible " in each room as the Gideon Bible was  placed in American hotel rooms years ago . The Chinese have acquiesced to the occult business practices of Talmudists , promoting books such as " Crack the Talmud : 101 Jewish Business Rules " , " The Illustrated Jewish Wisdom Book " , and " Know All of the Money-Making Stories of the Talmud . "

Revelation 18 tells us that Israel , the whore of Babylon who sits as a queen which caused all nations of the earth to commit fornication with her , made the earth's merchants rich through the abundance of her delicacies . Eventually those kings of the earth who committed fornication with her , and thus lived deliciously with her , shall bewail her and lament for her when they shall see the smoke of her burning in the hour of Christ's judgment for her rejection of him . The apostles and prophets who were killed by her are told by God to rejoice at his avenging of their blood upon her . In one hour that great city , Jerusalem , which reigneth over the kings of the earth ; MYSTERY , BABYLON THE GREAT , THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH , drunken with the blood of the saints and with the martyrs of Jesus , will fall .

As the Jews continually add to the Talmud through occult rabbinic clairvoyance , they will always keep the choice depths of Satan to themselves , gaining world superiority . Jews anticipate another Christ to come in Christ's name , to sit in Israel's rebuilt temple . God had temporarily given them up to their own lusts , letting them walk in their own crafty counsels through Kabbalistic beliefs . Only when Christ returns , and after he has avenged the blood of his church upon her will a remnant of Jews finally recognize him as the actual Messiah . Trinity Broadcasting preachers propagandize Alice Bailey's deception that " the appearance of the CHRIST is imminent . " They say all scripture preceding Christ's return has been fulfilled , using a demonically contrived " rapture " as the basis for ignoring all the scriptures in Matthew 24 that proves them liars . Talmudic study probably already has enabled Satanic miracles to have been secretly performed . Many false prophets will come before Christ performing them . It's going to take a while for Jerusalem to become the world's capitol . Talmudic " Christians " behind the scenes want to divert your attention upon the hope of being " raptured " so that Christians will continue to give obeisance to todays world dominating occult TBN ministry which paves the pathway to hell for the unwary .

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