Sunday, December 20, 2015

Eve ill Sand tuck Laws

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I , John Smith , have made up several dozen oronymical stories like this , but have only put two parodies on the net prior to this , assessing their creation to be merely a whimsical cathartic diversion from the seriousness of exposing the worldwide occult church . Churches in England and in early America outlawed Christmas because they knew its origin was occult , as is Easter's . Santa , the Nutcracker , ( with its Sugar Plum Fairy ) , children's programs promoting fairies and witchcraft , Frosty the Snowman , Xmas and a thousand other supplanters long ago largely obscured Christmas' remote reverence of Christ . The United Nations' Co-Mason New Age Queen , Alice Bailey , though dead still speaks , calling for Mr. Gorbachev's needed new prophets to add to the Talmud , the Bible , and the Koran . The United Nations , through Alice , says that Jesus' incarnate visit was a failure . It is going to take generations for the world's major religions to compromise enough of their beliefs so that the coming Jewish antichrist will be readily accepted . The devil loves nothing more than to compromise . Jesus' willing sacrifice of himself on the cross was another example of his relentless rejection of compromise as well as his love for God's truth which he personified .          

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