Thursday, December 3, 2015

God is behind this

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  1. Agreed. Nothing happens but what God's hand has allowed. Hurricanes, tornadoes, the 2004 Tsunami (for Instance) wherein 250K + people perished.

    The un-churched, and the biblically illiterate within the Church, like to talk up that "God is love," but when confronted with Proverbs 6:16, they wilt, refusing to let go their fantasy.

    If it's true that God is Love (and it is true), He must also hate. His holiness requires it. What people can't grasp is that when God does a thing... like hate... He does it perfectly; with perfection. Without sin. His holiness will allow nothing else.

    I offer here three witnesses for the veracity of God's word: 1) "God is not a man that He should lie..." (Numbers 23:19), because He has no reason to lie. When you distill it down, men lie for only two reasons: either out of fear, or with malice. There's really no middle ground. Since God is Holy, and therefore knows no malice, and has no reason to fear anything or anyone, there's no reason he 'should' lie.

    2) "...God, that cannot lie..." (Titus 1:2), Numbers says, God 'should' not lie, Titus strengthens the assertion to 'Cannot,' not because He 'lacks' in any way, but rather it's His promises that compel Him to be true to his word... that and His holiness, the driving force behind His inability; and...

    Finally, 3) it is "impossible for God to lie..." (Hebrews 6:18) just as it's impossible for a goldfish to leap out of it's fish bowl, pick up a guitar, begin to deftly strum, while singing in a bold tenor Mozart's "The Marriage of Figaro." That only happens in Dr. Seuss' books...

    ...Which the Bible is not.

    All this, sadly, flies over the heads of not only the so-called educated non-Chistians, but real Christians as well.

    What did Hosea say?

    "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge..."

    As a result of my "Three Witnesses," I have come to see that whenever I encounter verses that appear to contradict one another, they must instead be viewed as having dissimilar contexts... and I've encountered a few of these, all of which did indeed, miraculously, harmonize upon closer inspection of their contexts'.

    Even with this tool, however, I can still be deceived, as I have on a few occasions as well.

    All I can do is study the things I hear, Berean-like - Prayer takes care of the rest. That and a good KJ Bible.