Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Masonic signs in the film The Inspector General

The inverted cross . The film industry hates Christ and attacks in him in every possible . 
The inverted cross is displayed in unique ways in this film , as is the common thumbs up Mummy's Ghost hand position displayed by the occult Trinity Broadcasting Network for over forty years .
A guest on Merv Griffin " accidentally " makes a very close copy of Masonry's " 33rd degree " Inspector General " sign as she speaks . David Jeremiah , Adrian Rogers and many other TBN preachers made almost the exact same odd signal . For them the unusual arm crossing had no relevance to their words . 
 Another Merv Griffin guest made the same occult hand crossing that has been made by hundreds of TBN personalities for over forty years . This has become a fairly universal pose now . Perhaps not all that make this pose know of its occult origin .

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