Monday, October 3, 2016

Fascinating similarity of logos

I am not a Dr. Phil fan . He speaks of a belief in God , but his language indicates he cannot not be trusting Christ as his Saviour . I believe he really wants to help people , but unless he leads people to Christ all his work is vanity and vexation of spirit . He may be helping to prolong some lives that may come to know Christ . When I recently watched a few programs the memory of my blog , " Masonry's diamond , square in the circle " , came to mind . From my attempts to view it again the blue and white World Heritage logo in the blog had been deleted by some entity . I left it the way it was after it was sabotaged .
Sprout is a children's television brainwashing network . From Talmudism's , ( Masonry's ) ," sprout ", Masonry's diamond seed sprout , ( hinted in other children's programs ) , has matured into Masonry's false Tree of Life that shades all who choose to picnic beneath its cabalistic cosmopolitan canopy . 

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