Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Rhetorical Questions

Is the Masonic Lodge the largest and most influential NGO in the world ?

Are there Masonic lodges in every nation on the earth ? In most villages and towns ?

Are many political positions in cities , towns and villages manipulated or controlled to a degree by members of Masonic lodges or unwitting sympathetic shills ?

Does the same thing happen within churches today ?

Were many powerful and well-known men in history Masons ?

Were these men awarded special privileges or advancements based upon Masonic membership ?

Does that secret nepotism regarding Masonic Brotherhood continue today ?

Is the United Nations based upon Masonic , ( Talmudic) , belief ?

Did Alice Bailey , ( the United Nations' New Age Queen )  , state in her occult writings , ( promoted by the United Nations still today  ) , that Masonry within the world's churches would culminate one unified world church controlled by Cabalistic Masonry ?

Will Masonry morph into its true germinating tree of Cabalism ?

Would that mature tree , Cabalism's " Tree of Life " , be the doorway through which the Biblically proven Jewish antichrist will enter ?

Are there many Christian men and women who have experienced persecution for exposing the occult beliefs of Masonry as Rev. C.G. Finney articulated in his , " The Character , Claims , and Practical Workings of Freemasonry ."

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