Saturday, October 8, 2016

Years of threats

Since I began exposing Masonry's work in American churches I have endured what I must consider death threats . Masons take seriously any great exposure of the Cabalistic power that enables their worldwide influence . More recently I have received ;

The threat of blackmail . I am not now , nor have I ever been a criminal , and would love the opportunity to publicly proclaim the miracles Christ has afforded me through saving faith in his blood . I am hoping the cowardly blackmailer , who of course only threatened me in person , would make his allegations public so that I might refute them . Christ said those who believe in him would be mocked , reviled and hated in his name . Christians should expect this kind of treatment from a world which hates them and their Saviour . These people will never leave a written death threat .

I have also endured ;

The briefcase I had used to carry material I used to make blogs and YouTubes was recently stolen  from my residence . Nothing else was taken or disturbed . Obviously this was a personal attack . I kept it in a closet and had used it two days prior to my noticing its loss . It had been useful in transporting documentation regarding my defense of more personal attacks . It was a present from my wife and had great sentimental value . I would never have left it anywhere during ten or so years of use .

Personal intimidation by two men I did not know .

Items rearranged outside a residence ; a common psychological warfare tactic .

Items destroyed outside residence ; more psycho warfare .

Over seven years of television half-screen superimposing that remains when I change to every channel as nonsensical portions of words and misspelled words that may sometimes be placed on the screen before they are heard on the television appear . This occurred often after I put on new blogs or YouTubes   Nobody I speak with has ever experienced this . I had put a few examples on YouTube a while ago .

Television channels change by themselves when I leave the room .

As I typed in blogs entire sentences would disappear immediately after I typed them , being erased backward from the last word of the sentence . Computer adepts in many public libraries admitted to me that they had never seen the numerous oddities and difficulties I experienced while making my blogs .

I drove through the donation lane at a Goodwill store never giving my name . After trying to sneak some pictures of Harry Anderson's false Christ knocking at the U.N. door , ( I had placed them in with other donations in a box ) , the next day I received a cell phone message about the need for a girl to receive new clothing , but not " Goodwill " material . The foul language was another purposeful intimidating tip I was seriously being tracked as had been hinted by Masons earlier whom I had offended by trying to convince a new Mason to leave Masonry . He said he believed in Christ at that church I attended , which was not of long duration because the Masonic pressure from within the church became offensive .

The cell phone I used to send pics for my early blogs was blocked many times , usually just after inputting new blogs and YouTubes . I had to write and call the FCC several times to unblock it . 

After inputting an anti-Masonic blog one winter day my car alone in a row of perhaps seven or so cars had a line of snow about three inches thick behind both the front and rear bumpers . The lot had been cleared of snow while I was typing inside . In the small town where Masonry was still influential inside help between the snow remover and the library was necessary , just as it was when I left my apartment to go to that library and returned later to find changes inside and outside my apartment .

People who own and play good stringed instruments know that the instruments stay in tune fairly well for quite a while . I had just tuned my instruments days before I went to that library , but upon trying to play one of them after returning , it was obvious that the tuning had been changed drastically . Several of the strings had been tuned about an octave lower . Tuning them higher may have risked breakage and the intimidators wanted to make the threat clear without leaving any tangible threat .  

Pornographic material appeared as options that came on under pics when I was making a blog . They came up by themselves .

Upon returning from making a blog one day just one live flower was pulled from a vase of flowers at the back of my desk and placed at the front of my desk . Though it could never have fallen out by itself it was then twelve inches from the vase .

A banana was placed in my tailpipe . Obviously the psychological warriors wanted it to be noticed .

An object that resembled a bomb was placed under the engine of my car . They wanted that to be noticed too .

Cryptic writing done by the edge of a bar of soap was left on a car window .

I have no bumper stickers or anti-Masonic slogans or symbols of any kind on my car so that I will not draw any attention to it . When learning of people's Masonic leanings I do not openly confront them or criticize them , knowing that attitude would naturally repel them . If a hint of an open door is displayed , I cautiously , slowly , try to reveal to them the dangers of the Masonic Lodge .

I won't waste time responding to taunts regarding these experiences which will be proven to be true when Christ judges all of humanity .

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