Friday, July 28, 2017

NCR ; ( Not Christ's Registry )

           From a stony ridge in Dublin town ,
           The druid couple hurled ,
           Their petrified rejections at ,
           The Christ who made the world .

           They stoned one of his children ,
           With quarried rocks of sin ,
           Mined from their own hateful hearts hearts ,
           Sulfurous kilns within .

           Their faithful prey treads upward now ,
           While they , to their demise ,
           Are discharged to a lower hell,
           Much to their surprise .

           Tormentors kept by evil lords ,
           Inciting Christ's duress ,
           Puppeteering Wiccan hearts ,
           Groomed for hell's success .  

           Their victim treading upward still ,
           As both wicked further stray ,
           From Him who has reserved His wrath ,
           For them on His great day .

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