Thursday, July 13, 2017

The analytical Pharisees of today will never stop their attacks

In my over 600 blogs and 900 plus YouTubes I have exposed Trinity Broadcasting's occultism as well as the continuous occultism still practiced by both Gentile and Jewish unbelievers today , posting videos of deceivers like Danny Ben Gigi , Billy Graham and numerous others who all are purposely displaying Talmudism's middle finger of defiance to God among a handful of other Wiccan signals . A few of my blogs and YouTubes clearly revealing Danny Ben Gigi's intentional Talmudic finger incitement are ; " Danny Ben Gigi again uses middle finger " , " A third middle finger by Danny Ben Gigi " , " TBN's Danny Ben Gigi many in one program " , and , " Jewish Voice guest Dr. Danny Ben Gigi expresses contempt for Christ again " . If you Google " TBN middle finger pics " most of the pics on the first few pages will be mine . These are only a small smattering of the hundreds of examples of occult hand signalling made by TBN personalities I have placed not only in single shots in blogs , but represent segments of TBN programs that actually aired . I have kept copies of the programs to prove the signals actually were made during those TBN programs . Hopefully one of them will sue me for slander and my case against them can gain greater notoriety .

Recently it seems another Pharisee has been so aggravated by my exposure of Jewish Talmudism imbued in Jewish Messianic teaching that they did not understand that book acknowledgements are not only made within the first few pages of the authors books , but can saturate the contents of the book . My blogs and YouTubes are the publishing of my book , " There IS a method in their madness ; The communist subversion of the United Methodist Church . " The hostile Pharisee , ostensibly agitated by the truth , accused me of praising my wife for my online exposure of frauds , giving God himself little thanks , though I state that Christ is God best revealed in the King James Version whose pages glorify God . Throughout my online book anyone with little education , not even necessarily a believer , could discern it is God whom I attempt to glorify . Millions of Christian authors and writers give thanks to friends and relatives who played an influential part in the writing process . The Pharisee has slandered both me and my wife by saying that I spread hatred in her name . But I am used to responses such as this by Jewish people who will not acknowledge that the title for the old " Torah " had long ago been supplanted by the Pharisees' " Talmud " which is now king for unbelieving Jews around the world and still is revered by most Messianic Jews . The old testament and Moses have been cast aside for all practical purposes by the fathers of the current Pharisees . The more modern Pharisees only quote the old testament when spreading their pervasive propaganda . The newer Pharisees have viewed the hundreds of occult hand signals given by false Jewish and Gentile believers , yet they rationalize that the thousands of occult signals given by TBN personalities for over forty years are not occult signals . They also accept the occult Dead Sea Scrolls as gospel . None of them will openly admit that the Talmud is occult . The Talmud is a cunning literary device used by Pharisees who believe God still speaks to them today through divine revelations . These " revelations " are demonic revelations . God will add nothing to the new testament and he will definitely not speak through Talmudic mediums . The Pharisees hate Christ and his followers . In my blogs I give great detail about how and why they continue to do that . Paul was a Pharisee , a Hebrew of the Hebrews who would have willingly subjected himself to an eternity in hell for his fellow Jews who were destined for it without faith in Christ . But it is he , the leader of the believing Gentiles , (who became Jews by faith in Christ ) , who publicly condemned the faithless Pharisees . In these verses in the book of Acts alone he recounted the continuous attacks by unbelieving envious prophet hating Pharisees , ( somewhat akin to his former self ) , spreading malicious slander about him , setting whole cities in uproar , manipulating the common man to oppose him and attempting to kill him , which attempt apparently succeeded as in Stephen's case ; Acts 7:52 ; Acts 13:50 ;Acts 14:19 ; Acts 13:45 ; Acts 18:6 ; Acts 18:12 ; Acts 17:5,8,13 . Pharisees like this vowed that the blood of Christ be on themselves and their children who adorn themselves with it today . 1st Thesselonians 2:14, 15, and 16 say this of them ; " For ye brethren became followers of the church of God which in Judaea are in Christ Jesus : for ye also have suffered like things of your own countrymen , even as they have of the Jews who both killed the Lord Jesus , and their own prophets and have persecuted us ; and they please not God , and are contrary to all men , forbidding us to speak to the Gentiles that they might be saved to fill up their sins alway ; for the wrath is come upon them to the uttermost . " The Pharisees are " blind unto this day " , as still are almost all of the Jewish population who have been deceived by them since prior to the time of Christ .

In my online book I rightly divide the word of truth honoring Christ and people who are truly Jewish ; that is both Jewish and Gentile believers in Christ . My heart revealed through my fairly exhaustive online work is discernible to true believers in Christ who have given me support over the past several years . They know the Dead Sea Scrolls are absolutely unreliable and that the occult Talmud is king for today's unbelieving Jews and that Messianic Jews will not publicly refute the Talmud nor the Dead Sea Scrolls . I iterate that Christianity sprang from the Jewish roots of Abraham who was a Gentile prior to God's heart circumcision by faith . Even a jury of open-minded unbiased atheists would agree with my defense after reading my voluminous exposure of the continuing work of the Pharisees . And they would not find me to be an athiest , nazi , muslim or an anti-Semite as Truth Analyzer maligns in his response to my blog , " Jewish Voice guest Dr. Danny Ben Gigi expresses contempt for Christ again ". Other blogs of mine such as , " Decoding Messianic Judaism and the UMJC " ,  " The Crown of the Talmud " and " Jewish Voice does not represent Christ "give a good overall sketch of the more recent Pharisaic control of Messianic Judaism . It is a proven historical fact acknowledged by Jews, ( who openly admit they invented Talmudic communism ) , that the communist intent was to subvert all the world's religions , supplanting them with Talmudism . The father of Talmudism , the devil , knew he had to work a little harder to subvert Jews who more recently would come to Christ . He didn't have to work much harder though , having kept the Jews in the idolatrous practice of witchcraft for millennia . I am in no need of the repentance urged by Truth Analyzer for doing this good work and have no fear of being cast into the hell Truth Analyzer ostensibly desires me to experience , but anticipate praise from the God this antagonist presumptuously obeys for doing the work . Further defense of myself against this malicious attacker would be an exercise in futility .

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