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Conspiracy : A Biblical Fact

                                                        Conspiracy : A Biblical Fact

Play devil’s advocate envisioning a way to make the world worship at your feet, as Satan some day will , according to the Bible. How would you do it? You would know to a degree God’s plans , and would even know at one point your time is short. You would know to a degree man’s mind , for you changed its ability to know God through sin , making man’s heart deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked . You would know God had put into man knowledge of Himself .You would know men would seek after God. How could you deceive men into believing you, as Satan , to be God ? You would know they already do, for your adversary had said those who do not believe in Him , ( referring to Himself) ,  are of their father the devil. So, from birth , by default of sin , you are in essence man’s god. But for some reason most men are reluctant to overtly worship you ,  and openly sacrifice to you .Your ethereal adversary desires men to worship Him in spirit and in truth , but , earthy you, are not so particular. You do covet worship, as evidenced clearly when you attempted to bargain the earthly princely authority of the world’s kingdoms your Creator had given you . In a moment of time you would show Him their beauty and pomp and you would attempt to seduce Him to worship you when He was at one of His weakest moments. He would refuse your offer of receivership of the world He Himself had actually spoken into existence. How could you carry out your  “ Plan”  to beguile His world you inherited through your conspiracy, to accept the proclamation of yourself to be God in His own earthly temple in Jerusalem ?  

Though you would like nothing more than constant chaos , you must maintain order because God commanded man to be fruitful and multiply , and replenish the earth and subdue it , giving him dominion over every living thing.Chaos would be helpful at times , and a great deal of fun for you, as it was with Cain. When opportunity arose you would use envy and murder as you did with your omnipotent adversary thousands of years after your creation. You could use envy and murder with millions of souls at a time. You had almost all of them them in your grasp anyway , so what’s the loss? It is all gain for you! Except for the cross . That would hurt you . But you wouldn’t know about that quite yet, not fully anyway , though you had been given a heads up in the beginning, after beguiling Eve when the Lord told you there would be enmity between you and all mankind , and that her seed would “ bruise thy head “.
Jealousy alone would not enable you to organize worship of yourself , starting  with Nimrod’s and Queen Semiramis’ quarry, Babel , of 2218 B.C.  This would be an excellent display of quarrying  by your own hand , worthy of world admiration of the world’s green men  , ardent followers of yours who would remain green until the end of time ; as green as “ the green man “ your witches would worship through your misdirection of God’s deserving worship replacing nature as God, worshipping the creature more than the Creator through your “ Mystery ” religion.

From 2067 to 2025 B.C. you would inspire Hammurabi to display his societal code of life  in public commonplaces where your laws would demand temple worship of your fabricated god Shamash , your god of social justice whom you would reintroduce several thousands of years later, always keeping the future in mind. And you would change the definition of that terrible abbreviation of Before Christ to something more palatable , such as, before the common era.

You would have fifty temples dedicated to Nimnah, goddess of the underworld, and have
temples for Marduk , Baal, Ashteroth , Isis , Ishtar and others during Nebuchadrezzar’s Babylonian reign around 605 B.C.  In essence when they worshipped your false gods, they were worshipping you . All but a few disobedient Jews would worship your  “Craft”smanship “. Three of them actually feared God more than you. Preposterous! An example would have to be made. But it would backfire. Chaos would be needed again to destroy God’s words and His chosen Jewish people. That would take thought and time. You would get  much resistance from your great opponent.

After Babel’s confusion each family would have to go a separate way. You’d have to start making up new gods with new names now; names such as Buddha , Wicca , and  Unity. As you juggle your cultic cache of cancerous carrots you plant in each new civilization of differing languages you think of a terrific deception. Though chaos is your real goal, you envision a world under your altruistic wisdom and authority. Unite all men of all your false faiths with a pyramidal base of tolerance , peace, prosperity and social justice as you did in Hammurabi’s day. It worked before with Babel.     

What would be a good unifier? Lust of the flesh? It would be useful in Greek and Wiccan temples , but a deeper spiritual dimension would be needed. Lust of the mind? Yes, the original bait you used to land Eve in your fishing net. And what a catch . With innumerable types of lines and lures you would teach other false prophets to fish and they could eat  God’s people as they eat bread for millennia. But how could you incorporate this plan and keep the momentum progressive , ensuring large draughts continually?

Ruling elites deceived by your philosophies would be the best route; natural philosophy,
moral philosophy , metaphysical philosophy with the age old philosopher’s stone of alchemy thrown into your perpetually bubbling cauldron of philosophically flavored stone soup . You would mix into that cosmopolitan kettle your idea that can make men believe they can transmute base metals into gold or silver, or even make them believe they can prolong life. Magic worked in the old days, and Magick ( with a “k” ) , can work again in the new A.D. epoch of time as well. You’ll change the name of that time period Anno Domini as you did that B.C. epoch’s too.

You must get each philosophy and pseudo-religion to work well in each society. What memoirs of Babel can you implant strongly enough to convince men that what they are doing is right in their own eyes ? Anything to divert them from you know Who. Socrates’, Aristotle’s , and  loving Plato’s philosophies inspired worship of man , disregarding God. You can use them to inspire men like John Locke , Thomas Paine , Edmund Burke , Thomas Jefferson , and Benjamin Franklin in the New World . Later on this New World would germinate with the Truth, which you hate and proudly possess none of. The New World would begin to disseminate the gospel you loathe. How to stop it?  Those Pilgrims are on to something. They believe that dreaded book you constantly try to destroy , but  keeps reappearing. Your enemy is pretty powerful. Almost as powerful as you. This will prove a dilemma. Better get all your legions of minions in on the huddle on this one ,  utilizing your Hegelian dialectical tactic of pitting both ends against the middle , occasionally taking two steps forward and one step backward when caught with your fingers in the philosophical cookie jar . Some of these men would like to think you had no influence on their word painting.   

Jews had the only godly government in the world  thousands of years earlier. For a while it was a theocracy. Your adversary did not make them obey Him , though He scourged them as a  father would a wayward son. The Jews’ disregard for God’s leadership would eventually result in Jerusalem’s abomination of desolation you would be looking forward to fulfill . Not even God’s own theocracy lasted a long time. You would know salvation was of the Jews , and through Christ it still is, at least according to your great foe. But the Jews chose your son Barabbas , as they had Saul in God’s stead . Through your efforts the United States would fare no better, with a nation built on a pseudo-Christianity, strongly influenced by Masonic and Unitarian beliefs which dominated government , military , business , and elite social power structures from its inception . The Mayflower Compact would commit its loyalty , not to God, but to England’s king .

Though you had strong control over America’s motherland , you would know Christianity was sprouting on the Mayflower . You’d have to stop it or pervert it . Stopping it appeared to be an exercise in futility. Some of the “ Truth “ was known in America . Compromise would be your traditional method ; something you had down to a science . With your Catholic church somewhat waning in power , and your state church of England continuing to flex its rex lex on men’s necks , something must be done to make men think they have achieved access to God ,yet , all the while prohibiting repentance and the admittance of sin . Aha, the light bulb would go off ! Illuminate men’s minds ,  but with darkness of course , because there is no light in you . As an angel of light you would  create an  “ Age of Reason” in Europe , void of true godly inspiration , mix it with the old Babylonian , utopian deception assimilating the world’s elite again. It worked before , and it will work again . Plato’s  “ Timaeus ” would inspire your followers. You had induced the Greeks , Arabs , Celts , and Norsemen , among others , to seek refuge in your utopian “ Atlantis”, as did Rousseau , and Bacon in his  “New Atlantis” in which science was the way to universal joy. Thomas Moore’s  “ Utopia ” of 1516 would allure devotees , as would “ Civitas Solis “ ( 1623) which would portray a communistic society inspired by Plato’s “ Republic ”. James Harrington’s  “ Oceana ” of 1656 , and Christian Socialist Edward Bellamy’s works  would influence political and religious thought in America in 1888 through your direction. In 1905 H.G. Wells’ ,  “ A Modern Utopia ” would perpetuate the desire to follow your demonic dream . Wells’ 1908 “ New Worlds for Old ” urged for a New World Order, espoused openly by several American presidents in the 20th and 21st centuries . This New World Order would bring about mankind’s salvation through a messiah under a world of one faith and one leader according to the 1960 Encyclopaedia Britannica  under “ Communism ” , pp. 137.  That’s just what you want; communism , but this collective plot must be brought about slowly and progressively through enticing words of man’s wisdom , beguiling “ the people ” you swear to defend and prosper.

What besides the traditional Order of witchcraft could be conjured to motivate men to desire to rebuild Babel? You know Who apparently is stifling the outright above-ground sticky Wiccan wicket to be openly accepted , though its worldwide dominance and acceptance is imminent. These men of  “ The New Age  of Reason “ , in “ The New World ”  would need to be deceived into believing  man’s ungodly logic alone would be able to guide it into a new world where godless brotherly altruism , tolerance , charity , and patriotism  conjured with a  pinch of Christianity would appear a  more honorable confederacy than previous empires. A new amalgamation of Empires built by Master Masons of Europe , Master Masons of America , and  Master Masons of the rest of the world would work. With an elite oligarchy of Masons backing this new American Republic, based upon enlightenment  thought , the cobblestone  road to your earthly diadem could be laid as your Masons hew each stone of stumbling , placing them where you instruct . That’s it ! You would put it in men’s heads that they are really Christians in this new world , knowing the ancient secret poisonous Masonic Babylonian Bacchic brew would  be ingested by millions of unwary initiates and shills as they fell headlong in a drunken stupor on a  “ a cleaner way to hell ”,  as your enemy John Bunyan had mused in his “ Pilgrim’s Progress”. You would also have to increase your efforts inside the churches in this “ New World “ if you are going to have the kind of  “ Order “ you project necessary to entice man’s outright worship of yourself.

Just weaving  some of the ancient Masonic threads into the new cloth of  Independence  would literally leave this New World hanging by a thread some day , as it had Israel . The educated  powerful Masonic elites of Europe and the New World would have to be in positions of power and banking. They are almost all always like Pilate , easily manipulated by wealth and power , and reluctant to relinquish wealth or power at any cost . You can lure these oligarchs in Masonic Lodges in Europe and the New World into believing they are the higher critics of current events and all of history ; men with a superabundance of esoteric understanding and skills necessary to fashion a new society enlightened by the imaginations of their own hearts. These men will be better able to make decisions for the banal unenlightened man whom your elite allege continuously gropes in the dark unless he follows your Masons’ torch lit Path . Prominent men like George Washington , Benjamin Franklin and other leading influential Masons  will yield allegiance to Masonry above the God of the Bible, though feigning allegiance to Him as did the Pharisees. These men would swear allegiance to a blasphemous ungodly Masonic god , the “ Grand Architect of the Universe” . The words grand , architect , and universe were not in the Bibles they had owned , but they do not consider it blasphemy to ascribe another name now to God , adding words to the Bible whose Author prohibits such demonic activity which you engender in the Masonic “ Great White Brotherhood of Man” and the fatherhood of the god of this world ,… yourself. 

Though Jesus commanded men not to apply the term “ Master” to anyone but Himself ,
your Masons would defy God by accepting the name of “ Master” upon advancement within the Order , the titular  name actually being “ Worshipful Master “. Unwarily they would all the while be worshipping the creature more than the Creator. These men would be part of the “ Craft ” , which is also an interchangeable term used by your Wiccans. Both groups perform largely underground which is their fitting headquarters. During their serpentine slithering they would lift up their heads , attemting to spoon you with their forked tongues , articulating their innocence and purity , whitewashed with benevolence , civility , and Hammurabi’s reliable , moral , but godless code. Christians such as president John Quincy Adams  would recognize them as liars , for Christians  are not ignorant of your devices , as described in that dreaded book you hate. Masons are men whom Jesus spoke of who “ reject the commandment of God , that they may keep their own tradition, who savor not the things that be of God , but the things that be of men. “ You’ll mark those people who expose your Masons, and cause them as much trouble as you can ; secretly of course , in Masonic tradition. 

You would mimic the Babylonian goddess “ Ishtar”  through a Trojan-like gift you would inspire your French Masonic brethren to present your American fellow Masons . This Athenian artifice grasping your torch would have an identical twin sister of harlots mirrored in the River Seine in Paris , and you would erect hundreds of others around the world and in the United States. The rays around her head  are the Sun’s rays  represented in formerly mentioned Queen Semiramis and Isis also. Her torch would represent the
 “ illuminated “ Masons and witches who seek Satanic light that you angelically diffuse .   
She feigns liberty, but signifies bondage to your Masonic mantras.
You would eventually formulate a “ New World Order “ with the New World rebuilding its pyramid based Babylonian footprint , another step taken in the secret communal journeys of Masonic presidents , supreme court justices , governors , mayors , doctors , lawyers , congressmen , preachers , janitors , dog-catchers , and Alice Baileys , uniting the world in witchcraft. Alice Bailey would be the seemingly demure, innocuous engine by which you would drive your pet project , the United Nations down the well trodden “Path “ of your utopian deception. Alice would allow your demonic “ Masters of Wisdom”  to speak through her as a willing occult medium , co-authoring twenty –four books. Her demonic library would become the United Nations’ galvanizing foundation for the world to unite in esoteric harmony, anticipating and helping your Masons prepare for your arrival . Alice’s husband , Foster Bailey , a 33rd degree Mason  would divulge Masonry’s heritage through the U.N.’s own Lucis Press in his book , “ The Spirit of Masonry on page 32 where he states ; “ Masonry is the descendant of , or is founded upon , a divinely imparted religion which long antedates the prime date of creation as given in our Bible.  [It] is all that remains to us of the first world religion which flourished in antiquity so old that it is impossible to affix a date. It was the first unified world religion… To this , such symbols as the pyramids , both in Egypt and South America , bear witness… the ancient Mysteries were temporary custodians of the ancient truth and closely allied to the Masonic work of today… The relation of the Mysteries to Masonry has oft been recognized , and the golden thread of living continuity can be traced through them to modern Masonry. The Mysteries…are all parts of that ancient thread which has its origin in that primeval religion which terminates today in Masonry.”

Your  United Nations would solicit global demonic prayer for your arrival through your  “ Prayer of Invocation”. Alice would warn people that Jesus had failed on His first visit here, but that He would come again doing things correctly. Your “New Age Queen “  would usher in another one world religion of witchcraft during her “New Age “ of Aquarius whose members will become the “ New Group of World Servers ”. She would borrow the term “New Age “  from the title of a Journal of Christian Liberalism and Socialism which was published in 1894. Her various “ avatars “ will  enlighten the world  of  signs indicating their “coming one’s “ , ( New King James Bible) , soon arrival . Your heavenly foe had said there would be many false christs that appear before His return . Masons will not be able to discern the difference, which is just as you would plan it. Though your modern stoneworkers say they anticipate the two candlestick witnesses identified in chapter 11 of that dreaded book of Revelation which foretells your ultimate doom , they will accept the beast and false prophet you will inhabit during your “happy hour” of great tribulation , during which you will be drunken with the blood of the saints.

You will also reside in ten other human temples who will submit their authority to you. These ten crowns on your blasphemous head will not only keep you on your toes , they will be your toes , and they will say ;  Who is like unto the beast ? who is able to make war with him “?  Then you will blaspheme your Creator for forty and two months . You really enjoy blasphemy, and have made an art of it . After all, for you , everything is art ; adultery , fornication , uncleanness , lasciviousness , idolatry , witchcraft , hatred , variance , emulations , wrath , strife , seditions , heresies , envyings , murders , drunkenness , revelings and such like as you inspire men to portray in pictures , in books , in sculpture , on canvas , in museums , on television , on radio , in songs , and in men’s sinful hearts . And the humanities , and humanism , and Darwinism , and myriads of other “ isms “ and “schisms “ you have artfully crafted and hung as treasured trophies  upon the walls of unbelievers’ ventricular hearts , swelling with your great intoxicant , pride   …to their own destruction ,…just as you planned .

The major obstacle to your enthronement as world king will be the sparse pockets of Christianity interwoven in the warp and woof of your treacherous trousseau of improper religious dress , ( improper according to your adversary , anyway). There will be a dozen thousand dozens of saints who will be unwilling to genuflect to you , just as that pesky triad of trustworthy Jews thousands of years earlier you attempted to warm up to wouldn’t bow in obeisance to you either . Now outright murder would be acceptable. Your greatest opponent , with whom you were at cross purposes , had said He would bruise your head long ago . Now you will bruise His followers’ heads by severing them from their bodies . Now your godless world will applaud you again , as they did for the “ miracles” you wrought.

But your heavenly arch-antagonist will not allow your reign in His temple to be of long duration . After your fifteen minutes of fame you will be placed back in your geothermal home for one thousand years. Your great adversary will allow you freedom long enough for you to deceive the world yet once again , allowing you to attempt to overthrow Him one last time. But , your Babylon will be Babel- “gone”…for eternity…with no
remembrance of you …by your adversaries anyway. Your covetous conspiracy will be ended, resulting in your eternal damnation.

If you are not opposed to this conspiracy , you are part of it, whether you belong to the Masonic Lodge , the Trilateral Commission , the Unitarian Church , Rick Warren’s church , the Wiccan church , or any other social entity that does not accept the Bible and its Author as the living Word of God , able and willing to save your soul through faith in Jesus’ shed blood on the cross. If you are not associated with any of the previously mentioned groups , and yet believe you will go to heaven when you die without accepting Jesus as your Lord and Savior , repenting of your sin , you will experience for an
eternity , the devil’s fate. Included herein is the true plan to avoid receiving the conspirator’s reward for rebellion against the God who made and loves you so much He Himself came to earth to take your punishment for sin that you deserved. When you are alone , ask Him to forgive you and He will. Then , find a trustworthy King James Bible and read His words that He says are alive. You will never be sorry.


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