Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Crooked and Perverse

  This is a suggested addition to the Mother Goose poem , " There was a crooked man ."

There was a crooked man ,
And walked a crooked mile ,
He found a crooked sixpence against a crooked stile ;
He bought a crooked cat , which caught a crooked mouse ,
And they all lived together in a little crooked house .

With another crooked sixpence ,
He bought a crooked wife ,
The Bible's crooked Jezebel ,
He loved her all his life .

She'd walked a crooked aisle ,
Down a crooked little nation ,
That by degree got crookeder ,
Each crooked generation .   

Sons with crooked hats ,
And crooked hearts and Plans ,
Sent each other signals ,
With their crafty crooked hands .

They had compassed land and sea ,
In crooked boats and ships ,
With their crooked Pharaoah's gospel
Perched upon their lips .

Crooked gods and goddesses,
United to disperse ,
A crookeder yet gospel,
To the profane and perverse .

They rebuilt a crooked Tower,
That would spawn the biggest crook ,
Their crooked prayers would summon ,
From their crooked Shadow Book .

The builders thought their tower ,
Was not crooked , but quite level ,
But the crooked Planners knew ,
Its foundation was the devil .

Their crooked minds were always bent ,
Toward crooked witches' notions ,
Rebuilding Babel's crooked walls ,
With crooked spells and potions.

The crooked crowd ,
Now well endowed with metaphysics' brew ,
Deceived those in the churches ,
And made them crooked too .

By changing all the words called straight ,
And bending them around ,
Beelzebub , whose crooked heart ,
Burned deep below the ground .

Whose soul made crooked shadows ,
Even where there was no light ,
Where no eye but God's can clearly see ,
The crooked works of night .

His Jezebel was drunken ,
Her soul intoxicated ,
With crooked love for him above ,
Above whom all she hated .

Then other ten , such crooked men ,
On seven crooked mountains ,
With Jezebel eloped from hell ,
Their blood would flow like fountains .

When He who had no crookedness
Whose heart was straight and true ,
Poured in two-fold a golden cup ,
Mixed with their crooked brew .

And made them drink the crooked cup
Of blood that he had filled ,
Once flowing in the faithful hearts ,
The crooked ones had killed .

'Twas by degree they failed to see ,
How crooked was their hate,
For the loving One who died ,
To make the crooked straight .

Common men and kings and queens ,
No longer tied to apron strings ,
Square and compass symbol rings ,
Hats and gloves and earthly things ,

Now masters of their crooked fate ,
Bestowed on those who see too late ,
Engulfed in raging rings of fire ,
Sparked by a crooked heart's desire ,

Spurning Truth of God's own Word ,
Believing crooked lies they'd heard ,
That God who made them dwelt in those
Who donned Masonic fig leaf clothes ,

And bowed to crooked gods of earth ,
Believing they'd had second birth ,
Joining in an off key chorus ,
With all those who had worshipped Horus ,

Who looking at them Eye to eye ,
Told them they would never die ,
But fall asleep , and then rejoice ,
In heaven's splendor through their choice ,

To trust the words of crooked men ,
Whose crooked words time and again ,
Whose honored names are known quite well ,
Helped quarry crooked paths to hell.

Please excuse this cathartic gesture , catalyzed by the deceptive Trinity Broadcasting Network  .

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