Tuesday, May 28, 2013

You'll Never Find A Perfect Church . Oh Really ?

Jesus says there are two . Read Revelation 2:8 -11 which describes the church of Smyrna . Jesus acknowledges Smyrna's works , tribulation , poverty , riches and their ability to discern false brethren . He has absolutely no condemnation for them , but tells them that some will be cast into prison for ten years . He admonishes them to be faithful unto death , and then , ( at the last day ) , he will reward them with the crown of life .

In Revelation 3:7-12 Jesus praises Philadelphia , noting that it has some strength left , has kept Jesus' word , and not denied his name . He says he will make false believers worship at their feet , and that he will keep them from the hour of temptation which will come upon all the world . He warns them to hold on tightly to what they spiritually already possess so that nobody takes their crown , assuring them that Christ will make them a pillar, with their new name inscribed , in his eternal temple . As Smyrna received no condemnation from Jesus , neither does Philadelphia . If I could find un-condemned churches like this in Bensalem I would gladly attend . Talmudic Pharisees have seen to it that they are essentially non-existent in the daughter of Jezebel .

Presumptuous , and Biblically illiterate people tell you you'll never find a perfect church because you go there . How arrogant and absurd . Presumptuous people like this would have probably have said this to Jesus himself . He attends un-condemned Philadelphia and Smyrna . There is not a church in America the communists have not infiltrated . Christian Socialists did that over 200 years ago , and the country's framers were Masons , whose altruism is the same as communism's . When faithful brethren address issues of Masonry within churches they are overtly or covertly dealt with so that they are excommunicated . It is just as well .

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