Tuesday, September 3, 2013

James Merritt can't find the Bible verse

In his 9/1/13 sermon , " The good , the bad , the ugly-Why isn't it all good ? " , Dr. Merritt states this ;
" You can read the Bible from the first chapter of Genesis to the last chapter of Revelation and you're not going to find one time where God ever explains why he allows trouble and suffering in this life , not one . " He had also inferred that this was a " dirty little secret " as he challenges God's word while standing in front of an appropriate snakelike backdrop . He thus inferred that God not only keeps secrets from Christians , but that they are dirty . But this is typical of TBN ministerial oratory .

As soon as he finished this heretical challenge to God's word this Bible verse immediately came to my mind ; " Though he were a Son , yet learned he obedience by the things which he suffered . And being made perfect he became the author of eternal salvation unto all that obey him . " ( Hebrews 5:8, 9 )

When I have the time I may expound upon that one verse revealing the perhaps dozens of other similar verses that prove Dr. Merritt's inability to rightly divide the word of truth .

Dr. Merritt does not mention any of the numerous verses regarding God's purpose for causing his children to suffer , but he does point to James 1:2 regarding passing the test of trial , saying that there is no satisfying answer for the reason of man's suffering , as he makes his several Wiccan crossed-arm goddess poses . Apparently the easily found Bible answers for the reason of man's suffering escape the scrutiny of this TBN minister .Though he correctly states that heaven is worthy of suffering on earth he has again led his listeners down another wrong path as he signals Masons or witches with the same signals almost every TBN minister has made in the past , including Billy Graham . He may prove me wrong when he publicly declares that he is not now , nor has ever been a member of the Masonic lodge . And he must give a credible explanation for the hundreds of Wiccan god , goddess , and witches' pyramid gestures that have no direct correlation with the words he was speaking as he made those gestures . Dr. Merritt often asks his audience if he may be honest with them . Being honest should be a given in the Christian ministry . And he stated in this sermon that he had a card up his sleeve . Playing cards and tarot cards have always been condemned by Christians . Why give credence to cards of any type ? To my knowledge no TBN minister has ever condemned Talmudic Masonry for the evil that it is . Instead , Masonic preachers say , " Let us do evil that good may come . " Rather than fully submitting themselves as obedient servants of righteousness they serve the Masonic god Lucifer .

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