Friday, April 11, 2014

John Hagee throws Masons under the bus ?

Only because I anticipated Mr. Hagee might display newer witchcraft signals , ( other than this old devil hand he has displayed perhaps hundreds of times before ), did I listen to to some of his Four Blood Moons sermon recently . In this sermon he said ;  " Out of European history comes the Illuminati . The name means those who are enlightened .  The Illuminati were a super secret organization of international financial power brokers in Europe that had as their goal a world empire ."   He followed shortly after that displaying the U.S. one dollar bill , ( as he displays the horned hand ) , stating that Novus Ordo Seclorum means new world order . The correct interpretation is , " New Order of the Ages ( is born ) " , which is an adaptation from  Virgil's Eclogues , IV , 5 . Regarding the Masonic pyramid on the bill's reverse he stated ; " This pyramid has special meaning to the oc , Masonic order , even as crystals and pyramid power hold occult significance to the followers of the New Age . Some believe that the All-Seeing-Eye represents Providence . To others it represents the eye of the ancient Egyptian god Osiris . I didn't make a typo earlier . He began to say  "occult "  before he said Masonic . Hopefully my blog will still have pictures of himself and others forming Jewish Kabbalistic signs as they spoke months ago .

Those power brokers in Europe were largely the Rothschilds . On another of TBN's " Prophetic " programs he and many of the speakers and guests formed dozens of witches' pyramids and devil hands . Because he is a charismatic I deem him untrustworthy , as I do anyone who endorses the TBN network . Though it is Biblically correct to pray for unrepentant Israel , his zeal for helping unbelieving Jews relocate to Israel , where , assuredly , they will not hear the truth of the gospel , is very misdirected . Those TBN hand signals were inspired by devotees of the Kaballah .     

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