Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Had to reload pics which wouldn't fit on previous blog

 All I have used to take these photos were usually a poor Tracfone camera and a television set that needs to be hit occasionally to work properly . The VCR and television both are over twenty years old and I have had no cable t.v. for five tears . I have largely only sporadically viewed TBN's cavalcade of signalers . If I had better equipment I would have thousands of these and other different signlas constantly given . These are just some of the more common ones , again , that I captured in March , 2014 , but had to make another associated blog to reveal those that would not be printed on another page as had always worked before . I wouldn't suggest that someone follow my example of tracking these , only because it is very time consuming and disgusting . Often , when I could tell signals like these were being given , I turned the sound down so that I did not have to listen to what I knew would be heresy mixed with Biblical truths . I vaguely remembered the signals given , rewound the tape and took the pictures with a Tracfone that needs to be charged every day because the battery is so bad . I had used a newer Tracfone with which I uploaded some of the Youtube videos , but libraries' formats seemed to have changed recently and I can no longer do that . More than likely , these witchcraft signals will continue to be given for many more years , and more inclusions of Talmudic passages will given during sermons .    

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