Saturday, April 5, 2014

Simon Schama : same witchcraft poses I documented by TBN personalities

In his continuing television presentation , " The Story of the Jews " , Mr. Schama made these gestures in one episode , as he praised " The Survivors' Talmud " produced in Heidelberg in 1947 under the authority liberating American army , to whom , he said , it is movingly dedicated ..." the Talmud ; that bottomless treasure house of all things Jewish  " he noted . Mr. Schama doesn't understand that both the old and new testaments alone are the treasure house of all things Jewish . Christians totally reject the Talmud , and see it as demonic manipulation . For the Jews today , the Talmud alone is authoritative , and the old , and certainly , the new testament have no relevance for them . If you view my old blogs the same Billy Graham Mummy's Ghost formation and his witches' pyramid are strikingly similar .  

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