Thursday, December 22, 2016

Jewish Kabbalism's Cub Scout salute , cub scout handshake , cub scout sign , Masonry's triangle , ( pyramid ) , and 6 Masonic diamonds on point

    The cub scout salute is that of the original Jewish Lehi terrorists . The cub scout handshake is a juvenile initiation into Masonry , mimicking " the real grip of a master Mason " , according to Duncan's Masonic Ritual and Monitor , figure 17 .  The cub scout sign is the occult peace sign . Masonry's pyramid in yellow suggests honesty in an organization that is a deceptive spiritual baptism into the occult , as ex-Masons confirm . Akela , the alpha wolf in sheep's clothing is the wolf the cub scout may become if he gives allegiance to the occult practices in scouting .The Fleur-de-Lis , according to " Freemasonry in Israel - Did You Know ? " signifies the Fleur-de-Lis as the white lily flower whose Hebrew name is " shoshan " derived from the occult number six . The article continues that the lily symbolizes Israel and was a popular motif in Jewish art .


Scouting is based upon Masonic Kabbalism , as were the precepts of America . From left to right are ; witchcrafts cauldron on Masonic diamond point . Masonry's perfect diamond . Masonry's , ( Kabbalism's ) circle in the pyramid recruiting a one world den of Akela wolves working within the world's churches promoting Kabbalism . The Hamseh hand .The Boy Scouts defines Weblos as , " We'll be loyal scouts " , but its correct interpretation is " We belong to Satan " , as Masonic authors and historians have proclaimed Masons actually do .
                                                      Kabbalism's Weblos Rising Sun


 Lucis Trust , the Kabbalist based ( Masonic ) United Nations' womb of Kabbalism's Fleur-de-Lis sixth son who will stand upon ten toes in Jerusalem ruling the occult world he has formed through Masonic shills .

 Masonry's ( Kabbalism's ) ubiquitous circle in triangle , so much like the Boy Scout required adventure pin above . 

The diamond , ( lozenge ) on point in heraldry is numerous 

There many of them on point just as are the Scout badges .

The Biblical dragon has long been accepted as good .

More Diamonds on point in heraldry .

And dozens more.

This flag of the municipality of Barcelona , California , Spin has one too .

This heraldic House Yarwyck display of four diamonds mimics Masonry's pigpen cipher just beneath it .

This is a hatchment  ( a rendering of a dead person's arms ) , at St. Nicholas , Stanford  On Avon Northampton .

A hatchment at Hoveton St. John Norfolk .

There may be little understanding behind acceptance of diamond on point logos.

Who knows ?

Surely , some people drink it right up .

And its occult affect may inhabit every fiber of their being without them being aware of it .


Sam's Club tried to club Health Partners' over the logo clash between them .

For some people more exploration is needed regarding the diamond on point . For others , the occult basis is clear and similarities are beyond coincidence .

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