Wednesday, December 28, 2016

2001 : A Space Odyssey Of Masonic Propaganda

The occult mystery of the ancients suggested through the propaganda of evolution

         Masonry's skull and bones    
       Anticipation of the dawning of the United Nation's occult messiah

Masonry's egg

Masonry's point in the circle

      Kabbalism's " X " inside the " O "  

Kabbalism's 3 and 6 within three occult hexagons

                                         Mummified travelers infer Masonry's love of death

                                                 Masonry's beehive flight attendant cap

 Masonry's Eye of Horus

                                     Masonry's Maltese Cross worn on some Masonic capes

  Masonic diamonds

                              The mysterious U.N. shaped black monolith infers an occult cross

The Masonic stone slab lozenge is representative of the unsaved codger in bed reaching for    Masonry's unattainable goal of entering heaven after death . Masonry's egg looms above him .

     One of Alice Bailey's avatar's awaiting acceptance by an unbelieving world long preparing for his
     arrival . The U.N.'s , ( Masonic / Kabbalistic ) , greatest avatar cannot come from another world ,
     for the Bible makes it clear earth is the only planet upon which mankind will live until Christ's
     return . The Bible is also clear that Jerusalem will be the residency of Kabbalism's most cruel and
     adept avatar which Satan will eventually inhabit . Possibly , Talmudic Jerusalem will also be the
     birth  place of  the ten toed avatar prayed for by witches around the world in groups of three ,
     ( TRIANGLES ) , by request of the United Nations .  

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