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Masonry's lozenge ; a hard pill to swallow

According to my old dictionary a lozenge was a small flavored cake or confection of sugar , often medicated , originally diamond shaped . Lozenge also meant diamond , or a form of rhombus , or a stone slab .
Ancient tribes of Europe used this symbol as a representation of the birth canal . Others saw it as a female fertility sign . It has been used to represent both male and female deceased .  Thankfully , some Bibles warned of the dangers of using playing cards . The average person does not know that playing card decks may still be used as Tarot decks as they had been centuries before . Tarot emblems convey messages to students of alchemy and astrology revealing secrets of ancient occult mysteries , being a symbolic alphabet of the occult philosophy of Israel . Tarot applied to the checker work on the backs of playing cards . In the Kabballah's occult Tree of Life , Malkuth , ( meaning " kingdom " , or , " Shekinah " , is the tenth and lowest sephirot . According to occult Kabbalism , Malkuth excretes unbalanced energy into the Qliphoth , ( the world of chaos  , the Tree of Death ) , the world of the Gentiles . Keter is the highest sephirot and is represented by the four aces of the Tarot deck , with a white diamond-like brilliance . The occult and false Christian television network , Trinity Broadcasting has always pushed the Masonic , ( Kabbalist ) , agenda of the demonic " Tree of Life " through occult Messianic Judaism . Shekinah and kingdom are two of the favorite words that are bandied about by the network . Trinity Broadcasting is preparing the world for its acceptance of the U.N.'s Alice Bailey prophesied " kingdom of God on earth " revealing its false messiah's Shekinah glory . Most Christians do not know that Jewish people are taught that Gentiles , and Christians in particular , are considered Malkuth's excreted unbalanced energy that falls into Masonry's , ( Kabbalism's ) , Qliphoth Tree of Death . Kabbalism's tenth sephirot Malkuth is related to the suit of diamonds , symbolizing material wealth and worldly treasures in the modern set of playing cards . It also represents the Hermetic occult maxim , " As above , so below ", which is suggesteed in Tarot's Magician card . That horizontal infinity halo cloud is slyly incorporated into Peg + cat's educational children's program . The Hermetic Order of the Golden dawn , W.B. Yeats and " A Vision " pp11 of 14 shows the infinity cloud as a vertical occult Mobius , The Thread of Kabbalism's Ain Soph .
Kabbalism's , ( Masonry's ) , beloved Zohar , ( Shamir ) means diamond . An initiate Mason is referred to as a diamond in the rough , who may eventually be polished by Masonry's goddess , and become a Table Cut quality Mason or perhaps a many faceted Radiant Cut diamond . Masonry teaches that unsaved men may gain entrance into heaven by being smoothed and polished by Masonry's goddess . Shamir is also the legendary occult worm that can cut through the hardest stone . Star Trek had a theme like that in one of its programs . In my blog " Clangers " I captured Masonry's , ( Kabbilism's ) pyramid outlined by several floating octrahedron diamonds as seen in 2001 : A Space Odyssey and many children's programs  . Masons have their own scarlet Devil's diamond  [ red blood of Christ and his martyrs ] rhombus signifying the importance of knowing good , and particularly , evil . That black and white , good and bad magic theme symbolized in magicians' wands has been inferred in church flooring , flooring in government buildings , businesses , homes , etc . for many centuries . There is no good magic as was suggested in The Wizard of Oz . Masonic symbolism is so prominent it is accepted as honorable art , as has been pornography through hundreds of years of sculptures and  paintings .
           Clangers octahedron diamonds     
                                             2001 : A Space Odyssey's octahedron diamonds
                                                        Masonry's scarlet Devil's diamond

The Qliphoth are mentioned in this children's program " Clangers " but the truth about their occult meaning is of course never revealed . According to the Satanist Aleister Crowley's " The Ending of the Words - Magical Philosophy of Aleister Crowley , pp. 22 ; " The Qliphoth is identical to that of the transmutation of the Beast 666 and , refer to the analogy of atomic theory, the stabilization of the carbon atom as diamond . According to Freemasons , Freemasonry is The Diamond Brotherhood . Clangers are the Tzelilmiron of the ferel-headed dog . Clangers are also mentioned on the net in " Esoteric Order of the Golden Dawn " on page 32 of Part 1 : Opening The Hebrew Scriptures . Here Brian Arthur Brown states this regarding the old and even new messages occult rabbis have received before and after Christ's death ; " These tribal recollections , eventually written down and edited together , present God's word as a many faceted diamond with a depth and beauty reflected from many angles despite natural flaws in its parts . Humanity's connection with the Divine was consistent , however remembered , and humanity itself had a role in bringing these gems to light into the era of written literature of the most sacred kind . " 
This 2001 : A Space Odyssey stone slab lozenge is representative of the unsaved codger in bed reaching for Lucy's Masonic diamonds in the sky . The unregenerate Mason's heart can never be polished by it's goddesses' chisel and gavel . That stone slab also infers the beloved U.N. building , the U.N. being the agency through which Alice Bailey's anticipated Masonic false messiah will reveal himself . But the B'nai B'rith will not allow themselves to be outdone and Gentile Masonry will take a back seat to Talmudic Kabbalism , the Messiah being a Talmudic Jew . Below is another visual piece of subliminal Masonic propaganda in 2001 : A Space Odyssey .
                                         Occultism's sun and moon above the occult U.N. stone
                                                        slab or one of its stone slab avatars .                                                                                                                                      

          Masonry's , ( Kabbalism's ) , diamond on point is red , as is Masonry's Devil's Diamond ,
                                               in this Goetia Circle used for occult invocations .
                                                                    Occult  Ex-Voto pin


Kabbalism's octahedron diamond is cut in half , the top half overlapping the bottom here .

The United Nations unashamedly promotes Kabbalism through Masonry . Again , the pyramid within the circle is a common occult symbol , as well as the pentagram and the two plus signs within Lucifer's ray of light on the right . Masonry's " X " , ( Kabbalism's Aleph ) , is obvious within witchcraft's most prominent form , the pyramid .   
The ancient occult similarities of the Satanic pitchfork unholy trinity suggested in the above Caduceus Book of Magic re: The Grimoire of the Golden Toad are reflected in The United nations' Lucis Trust .

The Masonic diamond lozenge in heraldry is numerous .

These are only a few examples of the millions of ways by which Kabbalism promotes its diamond .


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