Thursday, January 19, 2017

2nd program of his I've viewed in years ; occult god sign continues

Viewing most of David Jeremiah's January 8 , 2017 , " Fully Engaged With God , " program I capture one of Trinity Broadcasting's favorite occult signals , the god sign . I noticed this signal in his previous sermon . He probably made hundreds , if not thousands of these occult signals during his lifetime . This Kabbalist signal is given at the 53:37 mark of the full sermon online . It is not the deaf sign for love , and even if it were why would you incorporate it into a sermon that you may hope deaf people may watch . Most probably already have been informed that Christ loves them .

He says Christians are not in Christ's category inferring that we cannot love Christ's Father who is also the believers' Father .Though we are commanded to model ourselves after Christ whose likeness without blemish or spot we are to attain before we stand in judgment before him , and though the Bible says true Christians are fellow heirs who should walk as He walked , Mr.Jeremiah infers we cannot love God as Christ did . He says that only Solomon actually stated he loved God fully and that nobody else in the Bible did so . God must have made a mistake by taking Enoch who probably didn't really love him as much as the Biblical authority David Jeremiah infers . Though the Bible says believers can do all things through Christ this deceived preacher infers Christians cannot love God fully . Surely , they will not if they follow David Jeremiah . What many misunderstand is that Dr. Jeremiah grew up in a home where Christ was preached , and his sermons , much like Billy Graham's seem to be Biblically correct . They are not , though they contain many rightly divided Biblical truths . That disinformation attracts people . His occult hand signaling , his Eye of Horus , and his innumerable heresies reveal his aversion to the Bible's truths .

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