Thursday, January 5, 2017


This is the letter Aleph as a symbol of the four Caballistic words ( Source : ASSIS RIMONIM ( ESSENCE OF POMEGRANATES 1601 )  of Masonry's ( Kabbalism's ) ,beloved  Zohar .

The Nonprofit " Aleph Society " promotes the Aleph supporting the occult work of rabbi Adin Steinsaltz who pushes the Global Day of Jewish Learning , touting the occult Talmud as the world's greatest book , surpassing that of the old , and unquestionably , the new testament . Many wealthy Jewish philanthropists contribute to this work .

In my blog, " Kabbalism's X and O , the Kabbalist with the occult circle points near what appears to be the Aleph , not the " X " beneath his right hand . The cursive letter " O " and the book print Samekh seem to be represented here as well . Samekh is represented as Yod-Hey in the occult Hebrew Gamatria . It is fascinating how often Hebrew words are inferred in movies , films and books , so much so that their manufactured synonyms are not noticed by the Qliphoth , whom Kabbalists infer are the Gentiles . Yod-Hey is as similar to star Wars' Yoda as Yoda 's title of Grand Master of the Jeddi is to the Grand Master of Masonry . 

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