Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Unless Christ frees you from sin you are still a captive

Occult freedom from addiction logos featuring the pyramid , diamond on point , and other Masonic symbols

                                Freedom From Addiction : Masonry's pyramids and yellow moon                                                                  

                       Narcotics Anonymous ; pyramid in circle ; suggestion of as above so below

     Free Me From Addiction / Freedom From Addiction AA logo ; Kabbalism's pyramid in circle again                                                              

Common Kabbalist theme of pyramid in circle for NA Al Anon . Satan promises to free you from drugs , but unless Christ frees you from sin Satan knows you've never left him . And if you do he continues to beckon, " KEEP COMING BACK . "

                          First Step To Freedom ; Again , pyramids in circle , occultism's pentagram     

    AA : Kabbalism's recurrent pyramid in circle logo used in businesses and governments around the world

Narcotics Anonymous diamond on point tattoo so similar to The U.N.'s World Heritage and Dr. Phil's logo

                                      Common diamond on point theme in the recovery world



                                                     Diamond on point in witchcraft's circle

                   As Satan fomented rebellion in heaven above , so he fomented rebellion in earth below .
                   If logos like this don't inspire recovery and well-being , nothing will !

Kabbalism's goddess will be glad to direct you away from Christ . Addiction agencies may help you recover from bad habits , but unless you trust Christ by faith to free you from sin all is vanity and vexation of spirit . People may tell those who recover from certain addictions that they are new creations ; the suggestion being that they are born again . This deception is the very one the Kabbalists inferred through Renaissance paintings of an occult Mary , Masonry's , ( Kabbalism's ), goddess who can change men's and women's lives enabling them to enter heaven as is suggested in the Apotheosis ; entering heaven without true faith in Christ ; an impossibility .


 Satan wants you to know he'll always be with you . Until you trust Christ as Saviour that is .

                                                 More Kabbalist symbol for recovering addicts                                       





                                                                  Diamond on point

Diamond on point


                                 Diamond on point . Masonry's mantras within its false faith premise .


         Satan will keep his (singular) Eye of Horus on you, taking you from the frying pan into the fire .
      These logos were all taken from addiction recovery sites on the net . There are more similar logos .


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