Thursday, June 5, 2014

More recent TBN middle fingers

At the top left is a guest in the TBN " Praise " May , 24 , 1983 . As have many other TBN guests and preachers displayed the two finger Baphomet signal , this man appears to be doing it also , as Jan Crouch holds down her middle finger . Many TBN preachers and guests have often wrapped the
opposite hand's fingers around the middle finger while counting . You will not see secular speakers make a habit of this , as have TBN personalities . I have several examples of that peculiar positioning on other blogs . Ray Comfort also pushes down his middle finger in a recent TBN airing . I included an old black and white Billy Graham sermon picture as he raised his middle finger up and down six times . The pictures are not clear , but my allegations can be easily proven by looking at the actual sermon I recorded on TBN long ago . I can't help but wonder about Mr. Snowden's coy middle finger placement as he speaks with Brian Williams .   

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