Wednesday, June 11, 2014

TBN continues to promote Masonry

In an earlier blog I had articulated similarities in the Trinity Broadcasting Network's Coat of Arms and the Royal Coat of Arms of the United Kingdom , as well as those of the Rothschild's Coat of Arms . One other glaring peculiarity regarding the TBN Coat of Arms , is that its predatory bird in their demonic cross ,( suggesting Egypt's worshipped sun behind it ), is that the attacking bird is very similar to the one in the Satanic Seal of the Order of the Temple of the East , ( the Order of the Oriental Templars . )

TBN's " Drive Through History " recently portrayed the occult cross pictured upon Constantine's crown . This is not the Christian cross , but the basis for the Maltese Cross promoted by the Masonic Lodge . Its interpretation was said by Constantine to be ; " by this sign conquer " , although revised history proclaims its interpretation to be , " in this sign thou shalt conquer ". My 1960 Encyclopaedia Britannica says Constantine saw the " flaming cross " in the sky .This was his Christian conversion , void of any Biblical repentance apparently . The dubious church historian Eusebius supplemented Constantine's noontime vision proclamation as an actual phenomenon . Eusebius saw Constantine as " God's gift to a suffering church " . According to " Knights Templar / Freemasonry Wikipedia " , the official motto of the Knights Templar is , " in this sign you will conquer . " But Jesus didn't come to conquer the earth the first time . And he won't need nor utilize the help of Satanic Masonry when he subdues it upon his return . Masonry's Christ is the false Christ beckoned by Wiccan prayers through the United Nations' " Triangles " , one of Masonry's oft promoted signs , clearly given by numerous TBN personalities and preachers .

Rome had been paganism's stronghold before Constantine's control , and he removed the seat of his empire to Constantinople , saying again , that he was inspired to do so in a dream . In the year 330 , May 11 , in his inauguration performed by " Christian ecclesiastics " the city was dedicated , not to Christ , but to " the Blessed Virgin . " Catholicism became the state religion under him and Catholicism continued to devolve into a mere " superstitio  ", as Constantine made himself as " pontifex maximus " , ruler over all religious affairs . Constantine laid the foundation for the temporal power of the papacy  . Constantine's superstitious Catholic church had reinstituted an earlier (Masonic) philosophy of " religious tolerance " . Rather than promoting Biblical salvation through faith in the saving blood of Christ , he suggested people be directed by co-Mason  Alice Bailey's " right understanding  " and sound discretion . He told his " Brothers" that God demanded pursuit of " the light of heaven." , Masonry's foundation not founded upon Christ , but upon Lucifer , the Light Bearer. He suggested following the straight path , hoping for "a world of religious unity ". This is the premise of the United Nation's Masonry , communism , Talmudism and Dominion Theology .

 Masonry's "X" and the occult cross were used in this episode . The occult cross is nothing more than Masonry's " X " rotated 45 degrees . Though technically, Masonry did not exist in Constantine's time , Satan had used its premise before . And he could see ahead of time , knowing when to develop it more fully . He showed Jesus all the kingdoms of the world in a moment of time .

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