Monday, June 9, 2014

Star of David on congressional seats

I found this picture of Michelle Bachman speaking in congress years ago . I had stated earlier that the Star of David was incorporated into all the seats of the United States congressional seating . Though this photo is grainy ,( as is much of my work ) , six points , rather than five, are clearly discernible . I keep DVD's and VHS tapes of people speaking so that should it become necessary I can buttress my statements with recordings . I possess neither the equipment nor the ability to alter video I have used in order to place pictures on my blogs and YouTube . I looked at other blog pictures I posted regarding the Star of David on congressional seats , and the star is not discernible . In this one it clearly is . I could not find one picture in Google under  "pics of the Star of David in congress " , " pics Star of David in the seats of congress " , or " Star of David in architecture ". At least a million people must know it is there , including those who sit in those seats as well as the janitors who clean them occasionally .

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