Saturday, March 21, 2015

Phoenician writing below the Eye of Horus ?

 In at least one of his sermons David Jeremiah positioned himself between two large pillars . Most students of Masonry know of its love for the two pillars of Enoch . There were two pillars of " The Gods of the Dawning Light ", ( the two pillars of Hermes ) , which were moved to Egypt to a third temple . He and numerous others have made the common Masonic double middle finger gesture to both temples , hinting of the Masonic push to rebuild Jerusalem's third temple . The middle finger can be counted as the third finger either way you count it from left to right , etc . The two pillars also being alluded to in those odd gestures are the Pillars of Hermes basic to Masonry . The first Hermes , Thoth , represented for the occultist the Word of God , (the One Mind symbolized by Oroborous ) , the Shepherd of men , the Lord of Rebirth , and the United Nations' Logos , ( the false Christ ) . The Catholic church held heresies like this , of the Emerald Tablet , in highest esteem , as have Freemasons . The occult idea of the Emerald Tablet is described as a rectangular green plaque with bas-relief lettering in a strange alphabet similar to ancient Phoenician . Could it be that the indecipherable writing at the bottom of David Jeremiah's Eye of Horus is just that ? The occult designer of this symbolism didn't include things without reason . One might think that the odd writing may refer to Jesus , but surely it doesn't . The occult plus sign in the pupil is just that , occult , as are the pennant atop the obelisk , Masonry's Hiram's key , the Masonic envelope , the three pyramids of Giza and Druidism's mundane eggs . There is also an inverted cross , and surely , the inferred book is the Kabbalah , and not the Bible . Oroborous symbolizes alchemy's Law of Harmony . The Emerald Tablet calls alchemy's Law of Harmony " the operation of the Sun . " Masonry involves ancient Egypt's Sun worship based upon witchcraft . The first chapters of the Bible's Book of Revelation urges men and women both to leave it .            

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