Sunday, March 15, 2015

Deepak Chopra's spiritual opera


When changing channels this morning Deepak Chopra's peculiar hand and finger formations , ( which seemed not at all relevant to his spiel ) , caught my attention during his esoteric aria . Though I tuned in a little late I caught enough of his bizarre signals that were just the same as those I had posted on blogs and YouTubes .  Trinity Broadcasting Network ministers and guests have made these poses . This was a promotion of his work , " The Divine Within Connection ". Mr. Chopra seems to be the U.N. appointed spokesperson for spiritual global unity . I had seen him on the news once or twice before . As with Masonry and other early American false Christian sects , he says you don't need Jesus , and that those who don't personally know him already have God inside of them . As did Alice Bailey , he quotes Jesus when it is advantageous for his deception . Many occultists have books published such as his with the title , " GOD A Story of Revelation . " The word Revelation is a nice deceptive hook .This man even proclaims to know " The Future of God . " In his backdrop are those silly plus signs I mentioned in my previous blog . Another symbol closely resembling Masonry's fleur-de-lis is also used here . The host also makes the same hand signal that Mr. Chopra displays continually throughout his book hawking ; both thumbs pointing straight up with fingers together and fingertips touching . I dubbed this the Billy Graham's Mummy's Ghost long ago . Surely it has another name . Often he will interlace the fingers suggesting the U.N.'s " One New Man " / " One New Humanity " . The guest also oddly points with his middle finger to his other hand as have numerous TBN false preachers . Mr. Chopra points to his temples with both middle fingers simultaneously , just exactly as have dozens of TBN preachers . He also makes the same goddess signal made by the witch Kendra Vaughn Hovey , with palms crossed below the neck . I have posted pics of Kendra and dozens of  TBN preachers and personalities on blogs and YouTube making this same pose . What fascinating coincidences . The second pose from the bottom is very similar to the odd pose I posted of Glen Beck as he was being interviewed by CNN years ago . Pharisees , physicians , physicists , philosophers , philanthropists ,  plutocrats , plebians , politicians , polemists and plumbers all make these same strange hand formations while speaking . Rarely , if ever , do they seem relevant to that which is being spoken . Had I not personally asked Christ into my life this man's deceptive spiritual cacophony would seem harmonious .

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