Saturday, March 14, 2015

The United Nations' Babel

Only because I can't find these United Nations' websites any more , I have posted these very poor pictures of pages I saved from its promotion of itself as Babel years ago . Long ago it changed its publishing company's name from Lucifer Trust to Lucis Trust . It has no shame in promoting occultism still today . Included here are some comments about its " Cross-Cultural Communication " which their page in the middle referred to many years ago . The topic is one well known and was used by them in this website , as was their description of themselves in the bottom pic ; " About The Tower Of Babel . " In essence they state that their Cross-Cultural Communication program ensures esoteric communism's world control .Wikipedia's analysis is probably fairly trustworthy . It tells of the U.N.'s continued push to syncretize the world's religions by incorporating intercultural and international understanding and knowledge into the education of the world's youth  by telling them what is common ground that will eventually result in cross-cultural interdependence . The U.N. 's " Cultural Diversity " employs its " Youth as Partners in Advancing Cross-Cultural Understanding " to enable theses brainwashed youth to eventually " lead the grown-ups . " Religion is a key feature according to those U.N. controlling grown-ups , who in essence control the world's churches . Another key is the youth's increased use of social media which is global , even in some of the world's remotest villages . For the U.N." humanism " is foundational , with its passion for that nebulous " social justice  " , and its cousin " sustainability " embedded in their " international cirriculum propaganda . " Their " Erasmus " student exchange programme is exemplary of religious brainwashing ; ( Erasmus was a humanist and not the sterling Christian example touted , else " Erasmus " would not have been the name used by the U.N. ). These people are concerned about extremists like those in ISIS . Sadly the U.S. military has labeled those who believe in the Bible as potential extremists . The U.N. wants its youth to become "enlightened ", as does Masonry . The U.N. quotes its own work , " The Charter of the United Nations " referring to their phrase , " we the peoples "[ and not Governments ] . But who will continue to lead and control those " peoples " of the world ?  How? As in Babylon long ago , God told his people not to rebel , but to live peacefully , still trusting in Him while they were in captivity . A Christian's hope is not in this world . Paul said that if it were , Christians of all men would be most miserable .  Set your affections on things above , not on things of the earth . Then Babel won't seem so intimidating . Christ told his captors that if his kingdom were of this world then would his servants fight . In the garden Peter mentioned that there were two swords nearby . Jesus didn't tell him not to think about using them . He said it is enough . Peter loved Jesus and thought he needed to defend him . But Jesus healed the ear of Malchus whom Peter attempted to kill . Peter never tried to kill anyone again . He had learned his lesson ; Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not to your own understanding ; I do not trust my bow and my weapons , they would never save me . An old Methodist hymn titled " Make Me A Captive  , Lord " has these lines ; " Make me a captive Lord , and then I shall be free . Force me to render up my sword , and I shall conqueror be . I sink in life's alarms when by myself I stand . Imprison me within thine arms , and strong shall be my hand . " The entire Bible sends this message .

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