Saturday, March 21, 2015

David Jeremiah's continued blasphemy , calling Satan God

Having studied the deep occultism of Trinity Broadcasting Network's craftinesss for the last five and one half years , I reached a point that I would not even let the channel dial hit any of their channel numbers . However , I had kept a picture of David Jeremiah's sermon of 2015 in which he stated that Satan was a God , with a capital G . The Bible says there is only One God , and he is jealous and will not share his glory with another . Though ancient Hebrew may not have capitalized letters , today's English allows the easy differentiation . Satan is a god , not a God . Why does Dr. Jeremiah state that Satan is God ? In another sermon online, " Spiritual Warfare : Terms of Engagement " he has written the same blasphemy . In " Identifying the Enemy " in his OUTLINE , regarding Roman Numeral II . Satan's Power , his C. states that Satan is a God . Why use the capital " G " when Christians know better ? It may seem trivial , but it isn't .

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