Wednesday, June 24, 2015

My Tree Of Life Bible response

In my blog ," Jewish Voice does not represent Christ " , I stated that the Torah can also be taken to mean Talmud , which has long been the very basis of Jewish life , as reported by old Jewish encyclopedias of mine , as well as other sources . The old testament and Moses have long been discarded , though when it is convenient for some , the old testament is referenced . The top pic is of Jeffrey Seif regarding his YouTube Tree of Life Bible . Tree of Life Bible had contacted me regarding my inference that their new Bible version may have connection with Kabbalism . They also asked me if I had any questions about their translation . Just minutes ago I lost an entire page of this work and have to retype it . I have other irons in the fire and responding to these people is an unwanted interruption . The top pic is of Jeffrey Seif forming the occult curse, the witches' pyramid , the Birkat Kohanim made by the Jewish priests in white . This was made during his online presentation of the Tree of Life Bible .The Jewish priests' fingers are separated just as the tarot devil's hand is in the Kohanim blessing formation . Why would Jews form a witches' pyramid . It is the basis of witchcraft symbolism . Trinity Broadcasting is notorious for its endless presentation of this occult symbol , which surely will be defended by these people . On the net , " TLV/ Tree of Life version - TKUG Sponsorship " Robert Morris is pictured with Jeffrey Seif and Jack Hayford of Kings University . Robert Morris is well loved by the occult Trinity Broadcasting Network , and I have placed his picture on blogs making the similar witches' pyramid . There is no godly power in making this occult triangle . It is similar to the occultism and uselessness of Catholics crossing themselves . Faith alone will save you , and will protect you from the devil . Hand gestures will be of no spiritual help and will yield no spiritual blessing , but rather a curse . In one of Tree of Life's online presentations the long rejected tetragrammaton is promoted . And they refer to " all who believe , for Jews and gentiles, ( non-Jews ) , alike . " But the Bible states that all who believe in Christ are Jews . I am a Jew by faith in Christ , though I was an unbelieving Gentile as Abraham was . They mention the  Tanakh , which can also be taken to mean the Talmud . Though the 1611 King James Version , ( not their apparently beloved occult Septuagint ) , was a marvelous translation , they suggest that through folks like them , now " Jewish order " is being restored . I should think that the greatest opposition to the Talmud and Kabbalah and Masonry would come from Jews who say Jesus Christ is their Lord and Saviour . To date I have yet to hear any " Messianic Jews " make that opposition . Rather , I see the opposite ; that the remarks of Talmudic Jewish priests go unchallenged  by them . The Kabbalist Michael Rodkinson , in his " History of the Talmud " stated on page 70 that ; the Talmud was ; " The source from whence Jesus of Nazareth drew the teachings which enabled him to revolutionize the world ...the Talmud ...the tradition of the elders to which he makes frequent allusions . " That is blasphemy .The Kaballah is also referred to as the Tree of Life . Trinity Broadcasting's beloved " Shekinah " , is the B'nai B'rith's Tree of Life's bride whose male lover is the composite of the nine upper sefirot : Israel , whom I clearly and Biblically articulate in my blogs will gestate a Jewish antichrist precipitated by Kabbalism's " Brotherhood of Man . " After viewing the children's program " Odd Squad " I took a picture of the Department of Education's Tree of Life logo  with the same Tracfone I put the above pictures on today . I made seven attempts to put that similar logo on my gmail . It would not go through , though the phone message said it was sent and received . That never happened before . But that is typical of the difficulty I have making my blogs . When the Tree of Life Version association openly condemns the Talmud , Masonry , the Dead Sea Scrolls , the charismatic movement and Trinity Broadcasting they will only have begun to gain an inkling of my trust . The Babylonian Talmud's Berakoth 32 mentions " the tree of life  " also . As one responder to their " Tree of Life Bible : The New Covenant Messianic Jewish Family "put it ; " the text itself should be left as much as possible, untouched by an agenda " , inferring apparently that he thought the Tree of Life Bible organization had an agenda . 

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