Wednesday, June 3, 2015


After noticing that the center of the Russian red star was a pentastar I couldn't help but notice that Dodge seemed to employ it as one of its logos .
The occult double tetrahedron suggestion and the Masonic / Kabbalistic Fleur-de-lis also gave me concern . These are occult symbols . The early Dodge double tetrahedron is that of Masonry's / Kabbalism's Oroborous , the 28th degree knight of the Sun , the two ancients of the Kabbalah ; Eliphas Levi's 19th century Double Triangle of Solomon , the Macroprosopus / Microprosopus . The web's  " Walter P . Chrysler / Coastside Masonic Center " says Chrysler ,( who bought Dodge ) , was a 32nd degree Mason who was one of America's richest men at the time and had very close ties to bankers . The net's " F.A.Q. / Dodge brothers Club " states that nobody in the Dodge Brothers family asked what the two Greek letter " deltas " , or , " D's " stood for . Perhaps they recognized them when they saw them . I would have inquired . That article also states it is possible that it was ; " A medieval symbol of mysticism and the joining of mind and body abstraction of the square and compass of the Freemasons...that they chose the " star of David " as a Jewish symbol to anger Henry Ford . "  The net's " Chrysler - Kanter Auto Products " states that Walter P. Chrysler's family tree traced back to a Johann Phillip Kreissler , and from what I gather from that page , infers that his ancestry was also Russian Jewish .
Maybe that's why the communist red pentastar of the Chrysler logo is so disturbing . Communism sprang from Kabbalism , and the ideology of Masonry , communism and Kabbalism are for all practical purposes the same . I have clearly articulated this in my early blogs . Jewish people are proud to admit they designed communism , and the occult Talmud has replaced the old testament for them , as planned by Kabbalists long ago .

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