Friday, June 19, 2015

More Odd Squad oddities

To me there is no doubt that the children's program " Odd Squad " indoctrinates children into occultism . Rhetoric used to teach little children about how to count on their fingers , etc . seems merely a ruse . The language skills needed to well follow the occult plots far surpasses the supposed elementary math education that is now obtained by first and second graders . Below will be some fairly recent pics of the same occult poses used by witches , Masons and Trinity Broadcasting personalities I have posted on the net and YouTube for over the last six years . I had mentioned in an earlier blog that Masonry's beloved Triangle , ( a United Nations ploy ) , is donned as a red pyramid by a woman . I believe the pyramid head covering was used in another Odd Squad program also . Witchcraft's and Masonry's death/goddess pose with arms  crossed below the neck , ( and variations of it ) , are used by Odd Squad constantly . Masonry's beloved " Diamond " , (  Odd Squad admits is a square turned on one point ) , is promoted in one episode . In that episode a cake with the Masonic shapes of the pentagon , the triangle , and the square is made .
It is the brown figure with white outlines . It is fascinating that this cake is extremely similar to the upper portion of Masonry's 47th problem of Euclid, The Bride's Chair . I surely will have no control of the order in which the pics are presented . But even children with odd inclinations will be able to discern the poses I have referenced . The young girl Olivia often uses both first and middle fingers simultaneously to point with . This is unnatural and is indicative of Masonry's Baphomet . The woman with the red triangular shoulder patterns fashions a somewhat poor witches' pyramid . The General is made to be a buffoon with his tongue sticking out in witchcraft style . The lab jacketed bow tie boy 's pose is a well known lapel holding Masonic pose . 

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