Monday, June 29, 2015

Smalltown U.S.A.

Shortly after moving from a fairly major Midwest city in the cornbelt to an area consisting largely of many nearby small towns and villages I began to encounter absolute strangers who purposely displayed Masonry's horned hand and used the middle finger to point to objects as if pointing to an area on a map . More than likely they were fishing for a Masonic response . A short while ago in one of those small towns , ( where Masonry is heavily promoted ) , an employee of its Social Security office clearly , purposely displayed the devil hand to me as I mentioned my Social Security concerns . In the same town a grocery store clerk on two different occasions pointed to the area for the item I was seeking with an unmistakable devil hand . That small town's list of Masonic lodges seems proportionally large . In another small town not far from that one a woman was disgusted with the disservice she said she received from the county office which I was visiting . As she was leaving , in exasperation she said that she was going to have to contact the Bonesmen . There is little doubt in my mind that her " Bonesmen " were Masons . In the community in which I live one professional man I was speaking with pointed to something using the devil hand . Another man in that community pointed something to me on a sheet of paper using his obverse , middle finger . One woman formed witchcraft's goddess sign with her hands crossed beneath her neck . I never challenged any of these people about their signals and have never mentioned the true nature of my blogs and YouTubes to anyone in the area . In another of those nearby small town libraries I experienced an odd occurrence . I arrived early one morning when just about an inch of snow fell while I was in the library . When I left a few hours later there was a small pile of snow the exact width of each bumper at my car . None of the other eight cars in that single line of cars had snow anywhere near them , and there were piles of snow that had recently been plowed in corners of the lot . I had always tried to be discreet about my work in the libraries I use to write these blogs , knowing that there is a strong likelihood that many employees may be Job's daughters or Masons . In order to get a copy of my work , or anything from the internet , one must retrieve it from that library office where it must be sorted from others' work at times . Not too long ago one of my multi stringed musical instruments became very out of tune only after I had recently played it . People who play stringed instruments know that the tension often lessens in time , but only to a small degree , perhaps half a step at most in a month or more depending on the quality of the instrument . Two days after playing that well tuned instrument the difference was immediately obvious . Having played that instrument for over thirty years I could easily discern that in order for many of its strings to seem many notes lower someone had to have come into my residence while I was gone and lowered them . Tightening them might have broken them . It was safer to lower them to make sure I got the message that worse things could be done to me . Living in a fairly large city most of my life , and even attending churches surely peppered with Masons and Job's daughters , I never encountered people who have exhibited blatant Masonic signals . Google Masonic lodges in cities and towns near you . You might be surprised to see how many there are . Small towns seem to be dominated by Masonic men and women of influence . So do the big cities . These are only arms of the United Nations' sustainable development slowly and methodically preparing the world for its New Age Avatar .

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