Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Odd Squad's Carol : Merkaba's daughter

One of the pics is a purple stellated octahedron , resembling the occult Merkaba . If displayed in 3D the purple octahedron could be used as Odd Squad's " Math Room " , which was given the name Carol . According to my old dictionary, obsolete " carol " was a kind of circular dance and may have been derived from a Celtic root " cor " meaning " circle . " Witches meet and dance in circles ." The Metaphysical Corner " in the picture below says the stellated octahedron , ( or Merkaba ) , is created by crossing two tetrahedrons . Occultists state that the star tetrahedron is the 3D expression of the star of David, and that the Merkaba is the 3D personal Light Body Vehicle . In my blog , " Land of the Lost " , I posted the picture of a double octahedron . To me , again , the " Land of the Lost " children's program is solely based upon witchcraft , as have been most television programs . On the net , an occultist named Shawn Humiston references his use of a double tetrahedron prism .
Odd Squad's agent Oprah , ( Miss O ), has worked for Odd Squad since the 1870's . Of course there is nothing occult about that propaganda . Her actual age is still a mystery according to Wikipedia . Again , the letter " O " is an important letter for Kabbalists and Masons . " O " can also be taken for witchcraft's important circle . Oprah may be an anagram for Pharo . Fictitious names were used in British parliamentary debates because their publication was illegal . Ierne was used for Ireland , Iberia for Spain , Noveborac was used for New York , and Columbia for America . ( Columbia was a pseudonym for the goddess of liberty and the goddess of Democracy . ) Before she was an agent , the very preadolescent Miss O worked at a fruit stand in the 1800's . She has a dependency upon juice , which sets a great precedent for children viewers . If you think the producers of this occult children's program just give characters habits like this to make them more interesting you are na├»ve . The occult agenda is obvious , including the emasculation of the male , and the laying of groundwork for more generations of backbiters , haters of God , despiteful , proud , boasters , inventors of evil things , disobedient to parents , without understanding , covenant breakers , without natural affection , implacable , unmerciful : who knowing the judgment of God , that they which commit such things are worthy of death not only do the same , but have pleasure in them that do them .

According to wiki Math Room is inhabited by sentient , ( having the power of perception by the senses  ; feeling ) , origami papers with a unified personality and hive mind . This is occultism giving life to inanimate objects , as the occult Disney company did to Pinocchio in its film version of the story .  Masonry pushes the beehive mentality . The bee and honeycomb are important symbols in Masonry . Miss " O " had originally invented the occult interactive origami Merkaba  before she joined the Odd squad in the 1800's . Masonry's Kabbalistic base is also mathematics and metaphysics , adored by early American Revolutionary Masons . And all of us baby boomers would have long ago taken Miss " O " to the woodshed . Her arrogant unrestrained rudeness sets another wonderful example for children . The producers know this . I don't need to be able to talk with them about that or to read their minds . As the Talmud has become king for the Jewish people , totally discarding the old testament , so witchcraft has dominated American life from the very beginning . Could it be that when the male members of Odd Squad mature they will become Oddfellows ? Oddly enough , that's what the show seems to be doing ; recruiting Oddfellows .                                                                                      

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