Monday, October 1, 2012

David Jeremiah says " Nothing is greater than Jesus ." Is he correct ?

This was another of David Jeremiah’s sermon introductions ; “ Nothing is greater than Jesus . “

But Jesus ,( the beginning of the creation of God ) , said this of himself ; “ Verily , verily , I say unto you , the servant is not greater than his lord , neither he that is sent greater than he that sent him …I go unto the Father : for my Father is greater than I .”

In the book of Revelation regarding the new Jerusalem , Jesus still refers to God as his Father and his God . Jesus , God’s servant , was obedient unto death and sits at God’s right hand in the new Jerusalem .

Stating that “ Nothing is greater than Jesus “ mocks God the Father , whom this prolific writer blasphemes as  “ nothing . “

The intro also states that " Everything is less than Jesus " , attempting to make Jesus' Father appear subservient to Jesus .

The intro too states that Jesus is the sum of all things , panthiestically including sin and it's consequences .

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