Saturday, October 27, 2012

Turning Point

                I don’t expect to see a  “ turning point “  at David Jeremiah’s Shadow Mountain church . So many others have exposed his obvious direct association with the Masonic Lodge , ( promoted by the Southern Baptists ) , and his Masonic /Wiccan gestures are so unashamedly blatant , and his sermons and writings are so continuously saturated with Masonry’s references to “ light “ , that one must be blind not to be able to discern that he is not a disciple of Christ , but poses as an angel of light , turning away the simple , whose turning of things upside down shall be esteemed as the potters clay .  He has swerved , turning aside unto vain jangling , understanding neither what he says nor whereof he affirms . He has turned aside after Satan and Egypt , bewitching people with sorceries and has perverted the gospel of Christ . 
                 On the net it is pointed out that ; “ In Tolstoy’s War and Peace , Peter Besouchoff joins the Freemasons , with his initiation into the Freemasons represented as being a “ turning point   in his life . “  Also on the net regarding , “ War and Peace “ , the author points out that ; “ Freemasonry is a major thread running throughout War and Peace , the words Freemason , Mason , Masonry , Freemasonry, and the like , appear 89 times . “   The author quotes chapter five of the book in which is asserted ; “ … Freemasonry is the teaching of Christianity freed from the bonds of State and church , a teaching of equality , brotherhood and love . “  He later quotes communism’s deceptive ploy to gain world dominance ;  “ Only then will our order have the power unobtrusively to bind the hands of the protectors of disorder and to control them without their being aware of it . In a word , we must found a form of government holding universal sway , which should be diffused over the whole world without destroying the bonds of citizenship , and beside which all other governments can continue in their customary course and do everything except what impedes the great aim of our order , which is to obtain for virtue the victory over vice . This aim was that of Christianity itself .“  That  “ Christianity “   is the false Masonic form of godliness , denying the power thereof . 
 Also on the net  , under “ Founding of Grand Lodge of England in 1717- Anderson’s Constitution , page 2 mentions a  “ turning point   in the development of speculative Freemasonry .  In “ Symbolical Masonry : Part One : The First Step : Chapter XIV . The Obligation “ , the first sentence begins ;        “ The turning point in the ceremony of each degree is the Obligation …”.   Also on the net under , “ CRI , Statement DM – 166 , THE MASONIC LODGE AND THE CHRISTIAN CONSCIENCE “ , well known Masonic expositor , John Weldon , quotes The Scottish Rite Journal , Aug. 1993 ,  unwittingly referring to David Jeremiah by stating ;  “ Because of your support , the vote of the Southern Baptist Convention is a historic and positive  “ turning point   for Freemasonry .  The SBC stated in 1993 ; “ that it cannot frankly state it is wrong for a Christian to join the Masonic Lodge . “  Mr. Weldon correctly points out that Masonry ; “ promotes spiritual deception under the guise of alleged spiritual brotherhood . “ This is communism’s same ploy . It is the communists who control Masonry .  
David Jeremiah promotes Masonry’s law of eternal forgiveness constantly , never warning the unwary that with God , there comes a point of no return , in which there is a shadow of turning , turning the grace of our God into lasciviousness , hardening hearts from turning unto the Lord God of Israel . 
On the net’s , “ Comments For Antique Scottish Rite Ring  “ , the author states ; “ … I urge you to take pride in everything Masonic they possessed because for most Masons , this was the “ turning  point ” in their life where they started and completed the greatest things they could in life . “  The phrase,  “ turning point “ seems to be integral in Masonry , as is the word “ light “.

Here are a few more of David Jeremiah’s associations with “ light “ ;

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Masonry's Eye of Horus is obvious and is embedded with Masonry's reference to light with 
Psalm 119 : 130 ; " The entrance of thy words giveth light " . Witches use the Psalms also . 

                                                      Surely , there is no light in him .  



  1. You do know that Jesus is "light" and Satan is "darkness" don't you?

  2. I find this article disturbing in the fact it twists what David Jeremiah says and makes it look bad. Jesus is the light of the world and Rev. Jeremiah preaches that. As for the all seeing eye. The eye of God is upon us at all time. Nothing is secret from Him and He knows our heart.

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    1. Great article. I have also come to realise with the help of the Comforter that this point in David Jeremiah's ''Turning point'' is the capstone on the unfinished pyramid, the ''Eye of Horus'' ''Third eye'' illuminated, Andy Stanley has one in his false ministry also the North point. Many false ministires use it in their occult logos has a dot like David Wilkerson Teen Challenge or John Piper Desiring Godfalse ministry and the list goes on and on and on... Evangelical Christianity is filled with the mystery religion of Babylon and most if not all huge ministires are corrupted with a gnostic false jesus. That is why in time God calls His people Out of her in Revelation 18:4.

    2. I don't always look at my email when at public libraries . I have no computer . You are right . All television " Christian " ministry is the " old religion " of witchcraft .

  4. Did you ever expose Charles Stanley ''In touch'' false ministry? He definitly has the eternal kundalini occult flame on his logo. I was wondering what the ''In touch'' meant for high level freemasons if it was in their literrature? I tried to gather information but found nothing. I think it has to do with awakenning psychic powers to be ''in touch'' with the demonic spiritual realm for the upcoming shift that is coming on this planet. These false ministries trigger the mind control victims in false Christianity. That is why these ''wolves'' do occult hand signs it is to reinforce their program. Much deception is coming our way so much so it ould even deceive the elect of God but He will not let that happen.