Monday, October 29, 2012

Jack Graham's goddess pose

In his Sunday , October 28 , 2012 sermon , " Revolution " , Jack Graham makes the same Wiccan goddess pose that many Trinity Broadcasting Network ministers have made for years . At his website's 25:27 point he refers to Christ's ministry as a " spiritual revolution " . The communist ploy of turning the tables , and making it seem that Jesus was the revolutionary , and not Satan , has been utilized by TBN's false ministers for decades . Mr. Graham also lauds communism's nebulous " social justice  ".  Around the 25:45 point he says , " you need revival , draw a circle around your life , and say Lord , I'm in this circle , and I'm the one one who needs ... " . At the 26:04 point on his knees he makes witchcraft's crossed arms , open palm , extended fingers goddess pose just as David Jeremiah has done for many years . He holds this pose for about four seconds . There is nothing Christian about this demonic gesture . Witches draw circles around themselves on floors . Nowhere in the Bible does God suggest you draw a circle around your life or your body as witches do . Jack Graham has similarly pointed both middle fingers at his temples simultaneously as has David Jeremiah at least twice on national t.v. , and , has also similarly gestured with the horned hand as has David Jeremiah and many other TBN heretics . Because Jack Graham's demeanor is so loathesome I rarely watch him , knowing he is a wolf in sheep's clothing . Jesus told his twelve disciples not to preach outside Jerusalem , but as does David Jeremiah , Mr. Graham challenges God's word , stating that Simon the zealot preached in north Africa . But these heresies , lies and Wiccan gestures are typical of Jack Graham . I focus on David Jeremiah because his Wiccan displays are so numerous and so easily discerned by true Christians .

On the net under " Collusion - Individuals " it was reported that former 2-term Southern Baptist Convention president Jack Graham ; " never had one moral problem with a staff member " .
NEW BBC Open Forum : Wolves in the Music Ministry alleges that self-confessed child rapist , John Langworthy , admitted his sexual abuse to Jack Graham and his church staff , yet , Langworthy's crimes at Graham's church were never reported to the police as required by state law . The net's " Watch Keep " stated that ; " Parents and their kids that were in the youth ministry while Langworthy was at Prestonwood have never been told the truth by pastor Graham . "

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