Monday, October 22, 2012

There You Go Again

Ronald Reagan would have easily discerned David Jeremiah's double-barreled challenging mockery again expressed in his October 21st , 2012 sermon , " God loves You Even When You Don't Love Him " . And he would have said to him , " There you go again ", as he had quipped with Jimmy Carter in his presidential debate . Jeremiah had clearly made the same double middle fingered assault in his 5/20/12 sermon , " What Is Faith " at the 30:32 point . It seems as if David Jeremiah is deceiving himself when he thinks he can willfully challenge God with obscene gestures , and , yet , God is not offended and loves him no matter what he does . Either that , or , he doesn't actually know Him . On his net site , " Dr. David Jeremiah Watch Turning Point T.V. Show Free Online , , Faith In Motion " , David Jeremiah 's two middle finger rebellion can be identified at 30:26 in the program where he says ; " He loves you when you're wallowing , and by the way , wallowing in sin is not something that has disappeared from our culture . While I was studying this , I was watching a sports center on ESPN one night ..." . Jeremiah must want this seen because his witchcraft  "god " , " goddess " , and the Masonic Inspector General cross armed signs are so obvious and so continuously presented , although I do not recall any of them having been made during this dialectical sermon . At the 18:12 spot in his sermon his middle finger can be discerned being singularly extended for  a second or two on his podium . Watch speakers' fingers . Seldom , if ever , will anyone see a speaker display his middle finger . This is an open challenge and rebuke to Christ and his church . So is the rest of his sermon . And obviously , as he himself says , wallowing in sin has not disappeared from our culture , as David Jeremiah well demonstrates by his own rebellious
antics and heresies .

Turning Point seems to be an appropriate name for his ministry , for he turns the tables on the
" prodigal " parable by trying to deceive his listeners , saying  that God himself is a " prodigal " . He quotes Luke 15:13 saying , we have the wonderful  " story of the prodigal father . "  The word prodigal is not found in the King James Bibles I have seen , nor is it listed in Strong's older concordance . Although the dictionary defines prodigal as ; " giving or yielding profusely ; lavish ; lavishly abundant " , it also defines prodigal as ; " wastefully or recklessly extravagant ; one who spends , or has spent his money or substance with wasteful extravagance ; a spendthrift . "  His subliminal inferences during this dialectical sermon are that God the Father was reckless and wasteful in sacrificing His only Son on the cross . God's point in the " prodigal " parable ostensibly focused on a rebellious son , exemplary of all mankind . Jeremiah never articulates that by stating he meant that God gave or yielded profusely or lavishly . The intended antithesis is that both the father and the son were repentant prodigals . For a second time in his sermon Jeremiah refers to this wonderful story of  " the prodigal father . " Jeremiah continues ; " and because we read that we think that means wasteful or rebellious , but the word prodigal means reckless or with abandon , he lived in a reckless and an abandoned way , but that could also be , that would be attribited to the father . Did you know that the father was reckless in the way he treated his son. When his son came to him and said that I want everything that is coming to me he gave it to him . He never argued with him and when he came back from the far country , having wasted his life , the Bible says his father gave him everything , and not only to his younger son , but the Bible says that his older son also was given everything . He said , everything I have is yours . So , that when I tell you that the prodigal is the father instead of the son , what I mean is the father was the most reckless of all of the family . He was reckless in his love and reckless in his giving and reckless in his grace . "   If this isn't blasphemy , I don't know what is . Jeremiah's brianwashing technique here is typical scripture twisting , appearing to make the Bible contradict itself . God killed His only Son before he made the world . He knew the outcome of his creation before making it . He was never reckless . If he were , he would not allow liars like David Jeremiah to blaspheme him as often as he does . He has a holy and perfect reason for allowing him and deceivers like him to spread their lies around the world .

He continues with more brainwashing by saying ; " Is there anything in the text about his being sorry for what he had done to acknowledge that he had broken the heart of his father ? Is there anything to make us believe that this was where he came to faith ? No , there is not one shred of evidence in the story that the prodigal repented while he was in the far country . What he does do is try to find a way out of the mess . "  And , of course , this is what Jesus' intended his parable to be ; the enablement for mankind to find the ability to climb up some other way , totally disregarding the repentance both He and John the Baptist had called for . The thief on the cross who believed in Jesus never repented either did he , other than stating that he believed Jesus to be God's Son and that Jesus had never done anything wrong , and that he himself was rightly enduring the punishment he was receiving .

Though Christians know that God calls to them through Christ and through repentance , Dr.
Jeremiah downplays repentance by saying ; " The Lord doesn't save us because of our great repentance . He saves out of the love of his own heart . Repentance is important , but what you need to understand is the process of salvation is intended by the love of the Father . "  Jeremiah pulls a bait and switch here in his rhetorical turntable by mentioning " repentance " , but in essence discarding it , replacing one's security in heaven , not based upon God's word , but in the devil's favorite ploy ; a god who loves you ; a god who can appear as an angel of light . Only the devil would downplay the necessity of repentance for entrance into heaven , disregarding verses such as ; " Repent ye therefore , and be converted , that your sins may be blotted out... I tell you , Nay ; but except ye repent ye shall all likewise perish " , and the thousand other similar verses necessitating repentance .




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