Saturday, October 18, 2014

Out of the abundance of the heart

I had earlier stated that I would only load pictures of middle finger gestures on my blogs because the other witchcraft signals were so constant and abundant it seemed pointless to load more . I could only load here a few of the middle fingers given by TBN personalities that I had placed on blogs and on YouTube previously . This is just a reminder of the middle finger gestures made . This is a fairly good list of men I exposed who displayed the double middle finger gesture to the temples ; David Jeremiah ( twice ) , Jack Graham ( twice ) , Billy Graham with one middle finger but both fingers to temples . This is a list of men who blatantly displayed single middle fingers ; Billy Graham over one dozen ,( eight consecutively in black and white sermon ), Jack Graham , David Jeremiah ( several ) , Michael Rood ( two ) , Joseph Prince ( two ) , Fulton Sheen (3) , Paul Crouch , Andrew Wommack ,
Kenneth Copeland , Charles Stanley , Danny BenGigi ( several ) , Ken Davis and many others . From the public library computers I use many of these have been "x'd " out . Men who use the deception of counting using odd positions with the middle finger are ;  Charles Stanley ( twice), Dr. John Tolson , Paul Crouch , David Jeremiah ( twice ) . I loaded a picture of Jan Crouch and another of a woman guest at the Crouch ranch doing the same . David Jeremiah and Kenneth Copeland each pointed to the Bible with their middle fingers . I placed on Blogger and YouTube over 200 pictures of these men forming witchcraft's " witch's pyramids " , Masonic "X's " , witchcraft's god and goddess signs ,( which also have meaning in Masonry) , witchcraft's devil hands , and a sign I have surely incorrectly have labeled as " Billy Graham's Mumy's Ghost " . Blasphemous signals like this and other oocult signals given by TBN personalities reveal their true allegiance . Surely , the wicked is snared in the work of his own hands .

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