Thursday, October 9, 2014

Kabbalistic secrets of the Psalms

The Father God the Son God the Holy Spirit.
The Innocent, holy blood of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, cleanses us from all sin and give you spirits of eternal rest and peace through Jesum Christum the Son of God.

Therefore, may the spirits of Jesus Christ redeem you from all pain and suffering, and give us the treasures that are here, through the shed blood of I. N. R. I. Eel Elyon Jesus Christi Eheyoha. Amen.1

The above passages are from " The Sixth and Seventh Books of Moses ( Part 2 ) " on the net . The Maltese cross used by the TBN ministry , and which used to be very apparent on David Jeremiah's lectern , is used in Masonic lodges . The Maltese cross is occult , as are the mystically manufactured books of Moses ,which are used in Jewish Kabbalism . Pages 4 and 5 of this article display witcgcraft's circle within a circle and Masonry's triangle within the innermost circle . To the best of my memory that inner circle and triangle is one of Masonry's honored degrees . This is part of the occult Jewish Kabbalah . According to occult Jewish beliefs there are three lost books of Moses named the 7th , 8th , and 9th . Those who practice Jewish witchcraft say that it is better to speak in the Hebraic language .

 In 1694 the Monks of Wissahickon , or , " The Woman in the Wilderness " were witches who practiced in Pennsylvania . In 1720 in Pennsylvania there was a revival of esoteric Theosophy and Rosicrucian mysticism which became German Enlightened esoteric Christianity  , which has spawned today's worldwide false Christianity . It has been the Kabbalist belief that by purposely pronouncing and invoking certain names of God , preferrably in Hebrew , or Yiddish , that one's wishes would be granted by another force . This false notion is prescribed by TBN's Jewish Christians who seem to have no opposition to the occult Talmud .

It has been proclaimed by " Christian Kabbalists " that the greatest and most genuine Kabbalists of the Jewish nation were nearly all followers and disciples of the blessed Saviour of the world . Their esoteric Kabbalistic letter substitution is a formula for forming supposedly " holy names " and it is given the name " gematria . "

The oral recitation of some Psalms is often used by witches , as I mentioned in an aerlier blog . Olive oil , or the  " oil of gladness " may be used to anoint the body of the person involved in this occult practice . Witchcraft has always employed Biblical practices in order to seduce the unwary . For these witches the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet form the " Tree of Life ", which describes the path God took into this world , and the way back to him . Masonry's favorite book , the Zohar , contains the secrets to the hidden meanings of the Hebrew letters and certain words that have mystical power .

The Kabbalistic Mason , Albert Pike , still revered by southern Baptist Masonic preachers , said that , " The Kabbalah is the key of the occult sciences . "  ( I can't help but remember the Youtube keylike gesture Billy Graham made while referring to the Dutch boy putting his finger in the dike ) . The Kabbalah's tetragramaton , ( four letters which supposedly stand for the occult name Yahweh ,( but actually signify witchcraft's Earth , Water , Wind and Fire ) , are exemplary of today's rabbinic continuing mezmerization of any true remnant of Christ's church now remaining on earth . It is beyond irony that Masonry's  " X " has been used to describe today's church , calling it " Xtian ."
Wise Christians know that the Kabbalah was devised by Jews who helped develop worldwide Masonry , so that Masonry's B'nai B'rith and the western world's Masonry would destroy the true Christian church , enabling the false Messiah prayed for by witches around the world through the auspices of the United Nations ,( Masonry's Gentile base ) , which will be supplanted by the anticipated Kabbalist base in Jerusalem .

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