Monday, October 6, 2014

Only A Remnant Saved

Both the dictionary and Strong's Concordance define a remnant as being a fragment or scrap, a trace , or residue or remainder . Paul lamented that he were not accursed from Christ for the sake of his Jewish kinsmen who were not Jews by faith in Christ . He said that only the children of Isaac , the children of the promise , would be God's vessels of mercy , as would be Gentile believers in Christ .
He quoted Isaiah in Romans 9 ; " Though the number of the children of Israel be as the sand of the sea , a remnant shall be saved . The cross reference to that in my old King James Bible is Romans 11:5 which speaks of  " a remnant according to the election of grace. " 

Only eight souls were saved by water in the days of Noah . Jesus said that only a few would find the narrow way that leads to life , and that many would go to hell . He said many would be called , but few chosen . Isaiah told Judah of her iniquitous people who were corrupt evildoers who provoked God to anger by backsliding . God continually chastened her , trying to bring her back to him , but , as in the case of Noah , he spared only a remnant . As he had saved a remnant with Noah , God set his hand again the second time to recover the remnant of his people " which shall be left from Assyria, and from Egypt , and from Pathros , and from Cush , and from Elam , and from Shinar , and from Hamath , and from the islands of the sea . "  Isaiah said that " out of Jerusalem shall go forth a remnant , and they shall escape out of mount Zion .

Jeremiah said God would gather the remnant of his flock out of all the countries to which he drove them because of their rebellion . He described God's people in the 31st cahpter and the seventh verse of the Biblical book bearing his name as " the remnant of Israel . " Elijah spoke of Israel's remnant , and Micah called that remnant the remnant of Jacob .

Regarding Ezekiel's chapter five hair razing , verse three states ; " Thou shalt also take thereof a few in number , and bind them in thy skirts . In this chapter Ezekiel said that Jerusalem was more wicked than the nations and countries round about her and that she refused God's judgments and statutes . God executed judgments against her , scattering the remnant of those who did not eat their own relatives . He said one third would die with pestilence , one third by sword , and one thrd would be scatterd ; " the whole remnant " in verse 10 .

Perhaps a remnant of one third of mankind will be saved , but then again perhaps only one tenth . Ten is a significant number in the Bible . God's commandments are ten . The waters of the flood diminished continually until the tenth month . Jacob vowed a tenth of his acquisitions as a tithe . The altar which Aaron served required a tenth deal of flour mingled with the fourth part of an hin of beaten oil with the two daily sacrificial lambs . For the poor , the tenth part of an ephah of fine flour was accepted as a sin offering . Deuteronomy 23:2 dictates that no bastard nor Ammonite , or Moabite up tp the tenth generation could enter the congregation of the LORD . ( And , as is the case today , that was well tracked . ) When Joshua and the Israelites passed over the Jordan , ( as Moses led the Israelites over dry ground at the bottom of the Red Sea ) , they came out on the tenth day of the first month . God commanded that the human king the Israelites chose in place of him would receive of them one tenth of their seed , vineyards , and sheep , as well as dominance over their lives . Abraham gave a tithe of one tenth to Melchisedec . Job received ten reproaches from his " friends . " Laban changed Jacob's wages ten times . Joseph had ten brothers . Ten was God's Biblical standard of measurement , and of pillars , curtains , money and in the number of units of thousands of men . Nehemiah tells of one tenth of Israel's captives of Artaxerxes who were allowed to return to Jerusalem . Solomon's beloved was the chiefest among ten thousand . David had taken ten thousand of men . The sun's shadow was turned back ten degrees . A harp consisted of ten strings . Daniel and his captive friends were tried ten days , after which they were found ten times better than the Babylonians . Jesus mentioned the borrowing of ten thousand talents . He also likened heaven to ten virgins . He spoke of a woman who lost one of her ten pieces of silver . He cured ten lepers , only one of which returned to thank him . He spoke of the man who had ten servants and gave each one ten pounds with which to barter . One man's pound gained ten pounds and he gave him authority over ten cities . Paul said ye have ten thousand instructors in Christ and also said that he would rather speak five intelligible words than ten thousand words in an unknown tongue . Jude spoke of Jesus with ten thousands of his saints . The book of Revelation warns of ten days of tribulation . The number of Christians in the new Jerusalem will be ten thousand times ten thousand and thousands of thousands . The book of Revelation also speaks of the antichrist who would make war with Christ's church and the remnant of her seed, ( the 144k ) . The remnant saved may be as much as one third of all mankind , but I tend to think of that remnant as being perhaps one tenth . That assumption is moot since what really concerns the reader is whether or not he will be included in the saved remnant .

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