Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Smitten by the fists of love

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Billy Graham and hundreds of other TBN personalities have formed witchcraft's " god " sign . The bearded man at the top left is displaying the American Sign Language pose for the word " love . "
Though the devil hates God with all his being , and blasphemes him constantly , and delights in rape , and the cruel Satanic sacrifice of unborn babies through abortion , he has deep respect for the deaf and would never distort or originate any sign language symbols . In my blogs and on my YouTube uploads I have captured numerous false Christian preachers such as Billy Graham who continue to make this witchcraft sign . I can't copy the page on the net under David Jeremiah blasphemy , " Witchcraft's god pose " featuring David Jeremiah who made many of these signs . If it is still available , as it was a minute ago , you can see that I uploaded a picture of the same pose used by witches ; their " god " sign , ( but they spell it capitol " G ").

When you lovingly hug someone  , the common man , or woman , keeps their palms open when placing them on the back of the loved one . Clenched fists would not be used to convey love in that position . The crossed arms are indicative of the Egyptian Masonic "X" of death , rejection and prohibition of God's love . Fists do not represent love and are mentioned as instruments of hate and anger in Exodus 21:18 and Isaiah 58:4 . Some day Heaven's Love will smite all his enemies upon the cheek bone and break the teeth of all the ungodly . No disrespect is intended for the man displaying the ASL sign for love . It was the only example I could upload . Don't believe it when TBN preachers tell they love you . Their deaf poses are only fronts for the purposes of witchcraft and another gospel , another Jesus .

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