Friday, May 22, 2015

Charlie Rose ; so faintly he comes tapping

For the past few months I have caught portions of Charlie Rose's 5:00 p.m. program . Occasionally I tape the entire dialogue he has with well-known and influential people . Above are some of the peculiar middle finger taps he makes as he speaks with the following people . I have included some still shots of him tapping with the pointer finger . I have put pictures like this on blogs years ago . Numerous preachers and guests on  the occult " Christian " networks , ( and they are all occult ) ,  have tapped similarly and have fashioned occult Kabbalist hand signals as have many of Charlie's guests , and Charlie himself . I hope to put them on the next blog . Perhaps these middle finger taps are merely idiosyncrasies . The guests he tapped to here were ; Robert Gates , former CIA Director ; Mike Morell , former CIA Deputy Director ; Mohammad A. El-Eran , Chief Economic Advisor at Allianz SE ; Conan O'Brien ; Javad Zarif , Foreign Minister of Iran ; Michael Vickers , Undersecretary for Intelligence , and Timothy Geithner , former Secretary of the U.S. Treasury .  Charlie was a member of Duke's Kappa Alpha fraternity in the 1960's . He is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations , and has attended at least three Bilderberg meetings . It appears to me all his funders lean heavily to the left , as does all public broadcasting . On the net's , " The Political Graveyard : Kappa Alpha Order Politicians " , membership in the following cults are included with Kappa Alpha membership ; Freemasons , the Masonic Phi Beta Kappa , ( which I have exposed to a good degree in my blog , " The Masonic Phi Beta kappa " ) , Woodmen , Shriners , Orders of the Eastern Star , Odd fellows , Rotary , United World federalists , Jaycees and others . Many of these men claim to be Methodists and Baptists . In my Phi Beta Kappa blog I quoted 33rd degree Masonic Grand Commander Manly P. Hall as stating ; " In Freemasonry is concealed ...the path the student must tread in order to gain those who are really the living powers behind the thrones of modern national and international affairs , the true student realizes most of all that the taking of degrees does not make a man a Mason . A Mason is not appointed ; he is evolved and he must realize that the position he holds in the exoteric lodge means nothing compared to his position in the spiritual lodge of life . ( pp. 16-18 ; The Lost keys of Freemasonry , Manly P. Hall , 1923, 1976 ) .Business Insider states that ; " Fraternity Bros Are Running Wall Street " , and that there are " 17 Fraternities With Top Wall Street Alumni  , telling of secret handshakes and the extent to which bankers will go to help out their " brothers . "  Charlie likes to use his round table for discussions . King Arthur's " Round Table " was also referred to as " the charmed circle . "  The circle is an important facet of Masonry . Charlie Rose is an extremely intelligent and inquisitive man . Had he lived near Jesus during Jesus lifetime I believe he would have followed him . I believe he would go out of his way to help a stranger in need . Nevertheless I intend to put up at least another blog with pics of himself and these guests I have named making many other Kabbalistic poses , which are the same as the poses I blogged regarding the occult Trinity Broadcasting Ministry and the Christian Broadcasting Network . Again , to tap with the middle finger , as well as to use it as a pointer is unnatural . David Jeremiah , Kenneth Copeland and several others of the occult Trinity Broadcasting Ministry touched the Bible in this similar manner as Charlie taps the round table highlighting his middle finger . Many of those pics are on my older blogs and YouTubes . One of them is , " Another Common TBN Finger Count . "

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