Friday, May 1, 2015

Land of the Lost promotes witchcraft's double tetrahedron

Just noticed a Kabbalistic signal being given on this program as I was switching channels and thought I'd see what other occultism was being promoted in another of Sid and Marty Kroft's  parade of occult programming . This bug-eyed creature is sporting witchcraft's double tetrahedron , the Triangle of Divinity and its merged cousin the Triangle of Humanity . Triangles are important in witchcraft and in the United Nations' push for world Federalism , the Kabbalistic unity of all mankind through Masonic influence . The double tetrahedron is another of witchcraft's sources of power . That power does not lie in the charm itself , but , rather , in the Satanic submission of one's self to the power of witchcraft . I believe this creature's name is Enik , (which oddly mimics the  Biblical name of Enoch ) . This unbiblical alien , ( for there are no other humans anywhere else , though Billy Graham would have one think so ) , keeps time portals as do witches . I believe his occult necklace medallion is an Altruisian Magetti , a tetrahedonal crystal . The fabricated race of Altrusians is a nice metaphor for the Altruistic endeavor of the United Nations universal " Federation " of souls . The pointed head makes me think of Revelation's " little horn " . The number 26 is a sacred Kabbalistic number ," the most sacred ", because the value of its letters of the tetragrammaton , thus ; 5 plus 6 plus 10 = 26 . 26 is also known as the Gematria , YHVH , foolishly accepted by most so-called " Christian " chuches today . From what I've seen of the few Kroft programs witchcraft is the central theme . The suggestion here seems to be of Jewish mysticism's Macroprosporous/Microprosporous Oroborous represented on the net in Snake swallowing tail (Whale ) . The National Reconnaissance also sports a double tetrahedron just like this cradled in an earth clutching dragon's tail .
Clearer pics of these occult references are more clearly seen on " snake swallowing tail ( Whale )" on the net .

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