Friday, May 22, 2015

Land of the Lost : All losers still

In the children's occult program , " Land of the Lost " Masonry's symbolic skull exists even in other Biblically non-existent worlds . Aliens too worship the skull just as does Masonry . I know the picture is poor , but this alien skull is an object of worship for aliens who wear Kabbalah's occult tetragrammaton . Aliens who don't wear the tetragrammaton worship it too . It's fascinating that the tetragrammaton exists even in other galaxies . That sets a great premise for Star Trek's  " Federation " . United Federalists want to culminate Masonry's , and witchcraf't's hope to unite the world in peace someday with the help of the false Christ the United Nations is urging occultists in " triangles " , ( groups of three ) , to pray for . H R Pufnstuff has a skull that talks , as well as witchcraft's owl and its burning candle . This occultism and the ubiquitous pentagram ( in most children's programming ) , is used as continuous suggestion to accept occultism as normal . A pentagram is displayed on many cartoon characters . Also the devil is portrayed as good by H R Pufnstuff , because he is a Green Dragon .  America's British occult roots were nurtured in The Masonic Fraternity of  Massachusettes , The Freemasons Arms , the old Green Dragon Tavern , the cradle of the rebellion where Masonic Revolutionary " master spirits " organized the American revolution . That occult tavern in 1769 was owned by the Masonic St. Andrews Chapter and organized as a Royal Arch Lodge . The Kratts' girl at the top wears a star . Television has indoctrinated every generation that sees it with witchcraft . World promotion of drug use has exacerbated its evil influence .

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