Friday, May 22, 2015

Odd Squad a fitting name

I may have watched this children's witchcraft indoctrination program seven or so times in the last few months . It's theme is ostensibly witchcraft . The hexagon is central , as is the pentagon's Masonic symbol with keyhole . Masons themselves have claimed that Washington D.C. is the Masonic capitol of the Western world .  Masons believe that they possess the key of knowledge that will unlock the Pentagon's secrets . Jesus warned about trying to enter heaven other than by the doorway he has fashioned ,saying, Woe unto you lawyers : for ye have taken away the key of knowledge : ye entered not in yourselves , and them that were entering in ye hindered .  Jerusalem, with its B' Nai  B' Rith , is the world's Eastern capitol of Kabbalism .The uncapped pyramid suggestion is obvious and the boy's witches' pyramid would be a bit better if his thumbs were in alignment . Almost all adult and children's entertainment , as well as newscasts are vehicles for occult mind control . There could be thousands more occult suggestions regarding this program exposed today .

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