Friday, May 29, 2015

The " X " factor

 Somebody else has surely explained the obvious close association these logos have in common . The logo on the left is the Satanic O.T.O  . The " X " has been a symbol promoted by the occult Trinity Broadcasting Network since its inception . I have shown some of their inventive methods of inclusion in some of my blogs . Though the pretense of stating that " X " is the first Greek letter in Christos , that pretense represents an occult and false Christ ; the United Nations' christ . The " X " has been incorporated in television programs , cartoons , paintings , fences , barn doors , Jewish architecture , commercials , pseudo-Christian videos , etc . It has been as prominent as the occult right-side up and upside down star , now heavily pushed today through the same vehicles . It is one of Masonry's major symbols and has been , and remains to be so ubiquitous that people are not aware that they are drowning in a sea of  X's . And please , don't cross your heart and hope to die , you just might .    

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