Monday, May 4, 2015

News and interviews

These poses made by news personalities on Charlie Rose and the McLaughlin Group are very similar to those made by Trinity Broadcasting preachers . Again I have included the self proclaimed witch Kendra Vaughn Hovey's picture because the hand position is very similar to those made by people in the news . Gwen Ifill's cousin , Sherrilyn Ifill , and Eleanor Clift are shown here . Michael Vickers , Sherrilyn Ifill and Juliana Marguiles were being interviewed by Charlie Rose .These peculiar hand formations are fairly standard on television any more . But they have been employed relentlessly by Trinity Broadcasting preachers and guests since TBN's inception . The witch Kendra Vaughn Hovey's Wiccan pose is at the bottom  . Of the few Charlie Rose programs I have recently watched , several of Charlie Rose's guests make little hand movement at all while conversing with him , yet others are practically non stop .

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