Tuesday, October 6, 2015


Again , though I had been in this library several dozens of times before , my library card would not register to get me on to a computer . Special help was needed . The librarian had not seen this happen before . In a town where Masonry is still fairly strong and a Masonic retirement home exists I expect the trouble . Yesterday I had a similar experience at another library I had used several dozens of times before . This is the town in the Social Security Office the devil hand was displayed to me by someone working there .

I caught this Clangers program last week when changing channels . Noticing occult symbols I began to tape . The cow's horns are a good mimicry of occultism's  "summer "  Masonry's diamond pattern shapes just happened to form a pyramid . The occult swirl , common today , on the mouse is just that ; occult . Both pagan rebirth and pagan spirituality are represented by the left and right coiled snake pattern . In her book , " The Encyclopedia of Magic and Alchemy ", Rosemary Ellen Guiley has characters called Clangers on page 267. The Qabbalah is referred to here in this section of her book . Clangers is named among other witchy sounding groups , such as the bloody ones , the black ones , the flaming ones . The Soup Dragon probably mixes up a good witches' brew . Children are inculcated with the propaganda that dragons are good . The Bible calls the devil a dragon .
According to Cabalism Clangers are the Tzelilimiron who take the form of feral triangular-headed dogs whose colors are blood-red and bronze . They are the Qlippoth of Gemini .
In the book " A Journey Into Ceremonial Magick " , Tzelmoth pertains to the shadows of death . Qliphoth refers to world bark or husk which represents evil or impure spiritual forces in Jewish mysticism . Surely , according to Jewish mysticism , ( Cabalism ) , Jesus and his church are the impure spiritual force that will some day be fairly thoroughly winnowed , revealing their seed who will reign from Jerusalem as the antichrist for three and one half years . According to the occult Zohar , ( Masonry's major premise ) , its Sephar or Israel 177b states that Kliphoth are Gentiles and Christians who are to be exterminated . On page 3 of 8 Tzalalimiron , Zain , ( Gemini ) , is number 17 of some of Satan's " Paths . ' On the net under " Qlippoth Guide " page 1 of 10 mentions Gemini - Tzelimiron , ( The Clangers ) , as Zodiac Guardians of the Qliphoth . On page 2 of 10 regarding " Guardians " , number 17 notes Zain-Zimradiel, ( The Clangers . ) The black and white pic above are from page 3 of 8 found on the net's " A journey Into Ceremonial Magick ; The Qlippoth ", I noted previously . The Kabbalist is in his magic circle casting a spell , more than likely invoking the demon present . Masonry's , ( Kabbalism's ) , X's and O's are discernible . An occult Christian cross , ( more than likely the witches' " athame " is touched by the devil in the picture .
Clearly the peculiar name Clangers was chosen by its producers for a purpose . To clang means to ring loudly . All the occult leanings in this single program indicates that Cabalism is the prime directive , as William Shatner might put it . In the net's " Self  Initiation into the Golden Dawn Tradition " , Clangers is mentioned . In the net's , " Esoteric Order Of The Golden Dawn  "- Cabalistic Dictionary , Calngers is associated with Tzelilimiron " as belonging to the Qlippoth of Gemini .
My 1960 Encyclopaedia Britannica mentions the Qlippoth regarding the " kabbalistic System " on page 234 stating ; " There are two main subdivisions in the Kabbalistic system , theoretical or Iyyuntith , and practical Ma'asith . Of them are the occult Gematria , the permutation of letters and combinations of numbers which occur in the Talmud . Quelippoth and Sodh haz-Ziwug , i.e., " Scales " and syzygies , dualism in nature , the Scales being the impure side in a universe wherein everything has a mate and where light and darkness are contrasted throughout . " The occult TBN ministry has always pushed Kabbalism's Gematria .

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