Saturday, October 10, 2015

The " I Am " occult movement

 Many TBN occultists have been trained by Kabbalists to promote blasphemy by calling themselves I AM . Though Osteen may not articulate this in his book , occultists like himself who constantly pervert God's word , this is what he is doing . I watched Kenneth Copeland claim himself as " I AM " some time ago .  Though he said , " I am too " the inference was clear that he believed he was a god . God is a jealous God and he won't share his glory with the charismatics and Ballards of the 1930's who applied the Biblical verse , " I Am that I  Am " to themselves . The Ballards were Ascended Masters who believed Jesus to be an Ascended Master as well as El Moya Khan , Maitreya , etc . This blasphemy fits in with The United Nations' Theosophy and Masonry . This occult " I Am " movement carries on today through the Ballard's Saint Germain Foundation which promotes a false Jesus , as does Osteen . It promotes Masonry's power of positive thinking . Sesame Street echoes the " I am " thought at the end of each program . It pushes witchcraft continuously .  

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